May, 2008

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Hostile Intent

I am feeling rather violent today. The first idiot who gives me a dirty look is going to get smoked. What do you do when you have these violent urges? Well I know what I am going to do…


Ok dudes, I know you all sit around doing nothing all day and night and it’s time you cashed in on this. There’s a new feature for mobile phones where you can text to 242242 (ChaCha) and ask any question and you’ll get an answer. This is totally free to do btw. But, here’s the […]

Wanted: Less Censorship

It’s amazing that countries around the world are so much more liberated than the United States. Take movies for an example, a big budget flick will have a few trailers made and all are made to entice the viewers into going to see it. But once you get over to Europe or Russia, they alter […]

Mutant Eats Lollipop

So whenever you play GTA 4 you have to sit through the loading slides at the start. There’s really only one slide I enjoy and now it’s ruined for me after seeing this.

From Fat To Fit

So there’s been a bunch of backlash for the Wii Fit title, as the game will tell little girls they are fat, which causes them to turn anorexic overnight. Understandable, in todays age girls are spoon fed the way they should look to be successful and land a man but the reality is that most […]

Sand In Crevices FTW

Good god, is it bikini season already??

Bongo Bashin’

I know in general Wii games are pretty queer but this one takes the cake!

Hostilian Citizenship, Apply Now!

So with Age of Conan’s release we weren’t really sure how hardcore we’d be in this game. While we still don’t expect to be a hardcore raid guild that spends every waking moment in-game we’ve definitely enjoyed the PvP aspect and the game does get better as you progress. The fighting system is challenging and […]

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

As I am sure you’re sick of hearing, the Ht Ultimate is underway with the MLB season beginning. While the pack of sports nerds can now figure out who’s the best of the best the rest of the IRC denizens must be glad we’ve move most of it over to #HostileSports. As much of a […]

Mr. Fantastic

You have to check out Robert Muraine.

The Baconator


Rockstar Rip-offs

I get a lot of questions regarding my past employment by Rockstar Games, especially with GTA 4 blowing all sales records for video games. No, I never worked on Grand Theft Autos and no I can’t get you games for free. Even though they are thought of as the bad boys of video games the […]

Scare Tactic

Here is proof that gay guys may not like pussy but they sure are pussies.

Come to Conquer

Tyranny better watch out.

New Hostilians to Hunt With

So we’ve decided to add a few Hostile’s to the fold. With Age of Conan roaring and plenty of other multiplayer games to jump in we’ve decided that adding a few guys will help us round out the numbers needed. All 3 have been a part of the Ht community for years now so none […]