March, 2013

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Live From the Front Line

Ht has been featured in the latest PS2 war correspondence video! Very impressive production value. Don’t forget about our Youtube channel either, grunts.

Riot Sim

Would you guys play this game? Yeah, I thought so. It will be a reality very soon. Stay tuned.

Planetary Domination

Planetside2 has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for PC gaming, proving a lot of promised innovation and improvement over the original. Our outfit has continued to be an elite level NC outfit and again dominates the charts for the oft nerfed faction. Many will know that our Planetside crew, which has been around […]

The Fuck You Footlong

If you’re at all like me you hate everything and everyone all the time. And sometimes you feel the need to step up your hatred with some solid anarchy. But what to do? Well, it really matters what you’re capable of. But lets start you out light with all you will require is $5 and […]

Figurehead Fightin’

Sex Studies

So, in turns out, there’s some really gay pockets of the world out there. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…