August, 2009

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Facebook Funnies

I’m sure most of you have stumbled upon lamebook by now. Here are some facebook fuckups I have saved.    

Random Ramblings

It has been quite a while since I blogged. I think logging into the WordPress dashboard was keeping me lazy but now I am trying out this Windows Live writer. Its neat cause it can detect our theme and show me exactly how the post is going to look. Mad’s been doing a bang up […]

A Rednecks Best Friend

Kill Yourself

Everyone has eventually Googled themselves. Well, now you can do it in style.

Gangsta Rage

Yo Ice-T, Call of Duty is just a game man!

Pocket Full o’ Pixels

I love USB drives, so much data in your pocket! Here’s 72 original style USBs.

Karate Kid

Gutsy Photographer

Here’s some amazing photos from Afghanistan.

Tubin’ Tutorial

If this is real then this is amazing.

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

Insane Redneck Posse

The whole Juggalo scene isn’t anything new but just seeing these douchebags in their environment brings them to a whole new level. Yes, this video has been making the rounds all week but I feel the need to share with those that haven’t seen it yet. Check the freakshow out after the break.

Space Mercs

A few Hostiles have picked up Eve again and are doing what they can to get up to speed. Well, now we can all contribute to the cause! Console FPS incoming.

District 9

For those who enjoy a good sci-fi flick then you’ve already seen District 9. If you haven’t then you’re just an idiot. This was an absolutely amazing flick as it did two things very, very right. Told an interesting story in a creative manner and made the visuals so enthralling you could never look away. […]

Shutter Speed Demons

Got to love it when a photo catches that perfect moment.

Zerg, Zerg, Headshot!

I had recently mentioned on twitter about a FPS & RTS game that is obviously not going to hit the mark but still thought what a great idea! Well that idea has been trumped by another title called BattleSwarm. With this one it pits an FPS team versus an RTS team! Now that is interesting […]