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How To Kingpin Hard

Here’s a brand new documentary that tackles the terrible war on drugs by teaching you how to properly deal at each level of drug trafficking. That desk job is about to feel extra terrible on Monday after watching this. Grab the torrent.  

Prop 19 Fail

Well California, I guess everyone who was supposed to vote for Prop 19 was too lazy and stoned to bother to vote. I really thought this one would go through, everyone thinks liberally in California and understands how much money this would bring in, or do they? Do they even understand how useful hemp is? […]


Just how freakin’ big is Google’s grasp on the world anyways?

Lies People Told You

You know what, you are a gullible piece of shit. Look at all these misconceptions you think are true. Idiot.

Welcome to Wank University

What do college students spend all their time on? Beats me, I am uneducated. Thankfully the internets provides answers.


Hey America, what’s up with this?

Bytes of Time

I sometimes wonder how people spend their time online…

Know What To Fear

What is there to really be afraid of?


Let’s look at some statistics on pornography.

Droppin’ Bombs

I would like to know more about grenades please.

There’s Always A Reason

I think I know why you’re not getting laid…