May, 2009

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Failure of the Fortress Fanatics

I have to get something off my chest about Team Fortress 2. I’m not happy with the direction its taken as of late and I need to vent. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to like about TF2. I’ve been greatly inspired by the art style and I’ve been able to enjoy playing through […]

Second Chance Selection

One of our favorite mods of all time has to be Natural Selection. So how can you not get excited that a stand alone NS2 is coming out for PC this year!! Here’s the teaser…


I dare you to stare at this for more than 10 seconds (NSFW).

3 Girls, 1 Ape

Corrupt Cops Smoke Rocks

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is someone decided to make another Bad Lieutenant movie!! The even better news is that it’s done by Werner Herzog. If you had never seen the original that starred Harvey Keitel then you are missing out on a great movie where the main […]

Wave of the Future

Has anyone heard of Google Wave yet? An ambitious project it’s really just another step in Google’s attempt in taking over the world. RUN!

Vaporware War

Not even the now defunct Duke Nuk’em Forever can escape Yahtzee.


Visual Vindication

Amazing photos? Yes please!! Let’s start with some photos from space. Now let’s move over to some killer photos of 3D murals. That’s all I’ve got for now so quit bugging me asshole.


I had just mentioned the new AvP but a few days ago… Well here’s the first teaser. There’s like 2 seconds of the game and it’s worth it!!

Slag Launcher

Worth the Effort?

Have you been curious what DarkFail has been up too? Me either but if you’re bored you can read TTH’s first impressions or Hardcore Casuals 3 month impression. If that doesn’t float your boat you could always catch up on G4’s The Agency first look. Have fun with that poopsockers, I’m going to go outside […]

Slo Mo Surf

I don’t know about you but when I watch this video it makes me wet. Err…makes me want to get wet.

I Am One Happy Panda

Ht Ultimate Winner Announced!

It was a long year for the guys in the Ht Ultimate but it’s finally come to an end! I have gotten a lot of inquiries about why I’m not running it again this year and the bottom line is, even for hardcore sports nerds it’s tough to keep up with. The MLB went great […]