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Front Yard Fortress

If you’re wondering what I want for my birthday…

Eye in the Sky

We’re at the beginning of the Big Brother age folks. You’ll eventually be filmed doing everything outside of your home and you will have no choice in the matter. But why fight it, embrace it! Here, you can watch hundreds of people all over the world right now thanks to embedding of webcams everywhere. Report […]

Hacking Life

Here’s some of the best Top 10’s of 2010.

The Social Era

New Era of Mobiles

If this is what the future holds for mobile phones, fuck yeah!!!

The Avenger

Everyone bitches about moving from mouse to controller. There’s a few tweaks you can get to help your gaming out on console, you can get FPS stick add-ons, you can buy a XiM or you could get this freakishly looking contraption. I think I’ll stick to my stock controller, thanks.


These are just adorable, aren’t they?

Christmas Wish List

I bet you didn’t even know that Valve sells a ton of cool shit off their site.

The Ultimate Room Decor

I found this freakin’ amazing and must have it for myself!

Never Leave the House

Hmm, new release motion pictures right to your home, legally? Yes please. Too bad the ticket price will be laughable.

Clandestinal Cooperation

It doesn’t look like much but this flash multiplayer game is going to change things.

Bong Chat

You know what the internet needs? A place where stoners can randomly meet other stoners. Stoners have an instant bond with one another all across the world, it supplants language restrictions and age grouping and allows for creativity and humor to flow freely. Now if only we could make a sort of Chatroulette for potheads […]


Is the PS3 on the verge of being moddable? It sure looks like it.

Diagonal Dodger

HTML 5 is coming at us faster than a meteor hellbent to destroy our entire civilization and there’s nothing you can do about it except embrace it. Supposedly it will phase out Flash altogether so that is a good thing! But what else will occur? Will the giants jump on board and make technology even […]

Dream On

I was asked what about this rumored Ubisoft game is, since I used to be employed by them. I have no clue what it is but looking at the video it definitely looks fake. We haven’t seen any technology allowing games to be made to that level just yet and if there was I don’t […]