July, 2009

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PedoBear Yoga

I don’t know if this is the greatest or the most disturbing video I have ever seen. Either way it’s a must see.


Since when did Starz start making HBO-esque tv shows? Who cares when it looks this good.

Death of the iPhone

Got an iPhone? Throw that shit away you about to be hacked!!

Scroogin’ on the Internets

Does anyone remember the cartoon Duck Tales? Here’s a disturbing present day re-make.

Modern Multiplayer

I know I am not alone when I say I can’t wait for Modern Warfare 2!! Godamn this game needs to hurry up. I’m even willing to buy the super duper Prestige edition that is going for $50000 right now. To top it off, there’s been some footage of multiplayer released and I have to […]

Kanye West, Game Designer

Kanye West, for some reason this factoid doesn’t surprise me one bit about you. You can rock a beat, I’ll give you that but there’s something plain wrong with you.

Obscene Shrubbery

Monster Hunting

Oh what’s this? A Wii game actually worth playing!?

HostileCon 2010

Traveling is always fun as long as you know what you’re going to be doing. Be it New York or Dubai, always go prepared. Your next big trip will be to attend HostileCon 2010 in Vegas. Don’t just show up with a box of condoms and facepaint please, here’s some advice. Pack up your camouflage […]

Ninja Assassin

I was thinking to myself a few weeks ago, what happened to all the ninja movies?! Back in the ’90s there were tons of really low budget ninja movies and they must of scared off movie moguls from exploring making more. I recently saw one that was made-for-television quality and it really made me want […]

Torrential Safety

This right here is a great idea.

Ridin’ Bitch

This may be the coolest trick you can teach a dog.

Fortress Beatdown

Here’s another fortress flashback from many many moons ago, an Alliance match of [Ht] and [Djedi] vs. [MC] and [BH]. Videos and speedstats included, wicked. This is all we have left of the old TF world and Tickenest is doing the old community quite the service with all of his videos. So check this match […]


We all reside in IRC (that’s internet relay chat for you noobs) and we’ve been in there for years. Megadeth runs some bots and one of them tracks the number of words everyone is typing. Well I’ve been running the channel since it’s inception so it wouldn’t come as a surprise I’d be at the […]

Find: Beach & Bitches

Another great Google Maps find…