Skate 2 Own The Spot Locations

As usual hooks you up with all the skate 2 own the spot locations for your Urban Legend Too achievement. Scroll down for pool locations also.

OG skate spots here.

Skate 3 spots here!

  • Rock the Gap
  • Mini-Mega Redux
  • Lilypads
  • Thrice in the Hubba
  • The wall
  • Off street
  • Books
  • Glass Awning
  • By the Bridge
  • Alphabet
  • Razor’s Edge
  • Welcome Hut
  • Poop Deck Pool
  • Bus Stop
  • Winged Bench
  • Manny Hip Set
  • The statue
  • Urban Curves
  • Getting Technical
  • Swiss Cheese Moon
  • No Need for Speed
  • Stink Pit

For the stink pit, the big one on the left use this….

Stink Pit – Travel to the Welcome Hut spot, head past the welcome hut spot and continue down the main road. After a short amount of time you will come to the first construction zone on your left. You will see two stone blocks on each side of the path, and then three tubes stacked together behind the stone blocks. Go through one of the tubes and as soon as you do there will be another short tube right in front of you. Stop before you go through this second tube. If you look to your left you will see a set of stairs that lead to a long tunnel. Work your way down the tunnel and it ends in the stink pit spot.

All Skate 2 Pool locations.

  • G.E.D. High Pool – To the right of E and 4
  • Think Pink Pool – Middle of C-D and Middle of 3-4
  • Community Pool – Left of E and 3
  • Do-Drop Inn Pool – Middle of E-F and just below 3
  • Poop Deck Pool – D 8
  • Old Pool – D and just above 4
  • Party Pool – E and middle of 3-4

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