May, 2008

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Hyborian Glasses On Sale

The first Age of Conan User Interface has surfaced. It cleans up some stuff and makes viewing better overall, pretty standard for a first iteration. But hey, anything will help you killing gators right?

Forum Follies

For you lazies, let’s take a look at the more popular threads on the forums. Can you believe the conspiracy thread for dummies thread has reached 25 pages?! Planetsides last hoorah has plenty comin’ back. The Hottest Chick Alive has plenty of nipples present. The obligatory Post Your Pic has a lot of reads aka […]

The No Competition Clause Kicks In

The new Madden ’09 trailer definitely shows a polished and gorgeous game. But that’s not Maddens problem every year. It’s either too easy or too hard, the sim logic is horrible if you attempt to play Franchise and the Be A Pro still needs some work to be a viable every day mode. I myself […]

Only the Strong Survive

One of the most underrated games of all time has let some info out about the sequel and we’ve got a release date. It looks like September of this year we’ll get our hands on Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. If you’ve never played the original you’re missing out on some seriously incestuous fun!

Tyrannical Rule Is Imminent

So, Age of Conan has basically gone live. They had a pre-order early entry thing and a ton of people have jumped in and already leveled up past the 30’s. So the rest of us chumps who wait for the beginning of this week have some catching up to do. All reports are the PvP […]

More Than Meets The Eye

In todays world something all of us have had to learn is the art of spotting a Transformer. These nefarious creatures are something that has spawned in the last few decades in an alarming rate and their doppleganger abilities are becoming scary good. Sure, in most cases an alpha male can spot a Transformer from […]

Rip n’ Roll

The number one thing that internoobs ask me about is downloading movies. I admit, I’m a bit of a leecher and watch plenty of movies thanks to rips. So I feel that if I share my knowledge of being able to watch crappy movies for free with some of you who aren’t aware how easy […]

Pimp My Slide

First, grab this new desktop. Now, go grab the Electric Sheep screensaver.   You’ve just been pimped playa.

The Incredible Sulk

Bloodthirsty Brothers

Hyboria is almost open for business so here’s a few things to prep for the launch. Can’t decide if you want to be a burly guy or slutty whore? Maybe this will sway you. Now, you need to decide on a class. Go for the feats or combos you’ll find enjoyable. Now, read through Bucky’s […]


Bitch. That’s a mistake!

Grand Theft Zero

Yahtzee is at it again with another Zero Punctuation review of this months big title, GTA 4. As always he rips the game asunder pointing out the obvious problems we all overlook in the name of fun. My biggest gripe with the game is the hand holding through everything you learn how to do, I […]

War Twat

I found an interesting little game today…

This Daycare Sucks!

Smack My Soccer Mom Up

With the EPL season over all of the soccer nutters have to wait a few months for the next season to begin. But, what a way to close it out. A race right to the final for the 2 top teams was pretty epic. Speaking of epic, Guy Richie directed this Nike advert that just […]