May, 2010

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Real Life Rocket Jumper

Cowboy Calamity

Well folks, you have to give it to Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption. The game is gorgeous and packed full of westerny goodness. There’s so much to do and you can do it all twice, if you decide to play Free Roam after the single player. If you’re a consoler this is a must play […]

Crafting Stars

Starcraft 2 may only be in Beta but that hasn’t stopped #Hostile from organizing a tournament to see who is currently the best. Like any tournament it’s a bitch to get everyone to play their matches but they are going down and the cream is rising to the top. So stay tuned to see who […]


Nobody had ever say this website isn’t informative… Here’s 100 ways to say Fuck You. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about torture. How to deal with cops.

Tigers Got Wood

Stereotypically Ignorant

Ah stereotypes. They will always exist because people are inherently clueless and proud, so categorizing a person is an easy way to immediately be on par with that individual. It doesn’t matter what stereotypes you are a part of, someone out there doesn’t like you. You could be a ginger, goth, gay, emo, chinese, short […]

Mario Goes Obsolete

It’sa me, Super Ryu!

Bull Fatality

G-Spot Hijinx

Have you ever dreamed of playing a video game inside of a vagina? Well, someone made it happen. Now ever getting to play it, that’s still up in the air.

Affectionate Androids

The world just got a shit load creepier people…

Dyslexic Diatribe

Grind Time

I know most of you are complete noobs and can’t remember back to the day when games were an actual challenge. That’s right, many moons ago games used to make it hard to actually progress and didn’t just hand over the princess to your 4 player co-op session for dying repeatedly. MMOs like Everquest used […]

No Fluff Fan Films

You have to admit, sometimes fan made movies can be quite amazing. Especially with all of these Hollywood horror shows as they try and recreate our favorite games into believable movies and do a horrible job of it. Thanks a lot Uwe Boll you douche. Here’s a collection of some of the best fan made […]

Iron Man 4

I have to admit I am really looking forward to Iron Man 4.

Fortress Team Analysis

What would happen if a shrink got his hands on the TF2 characters? Well wonder no more.