Hostile IRC

IRC Stats up in this Bitch (12/2008).

What is IRC?

Internet Relay Chat.

IRC (EYE ARE CEE) is how Hostile Takeover stays in touch where most of our discussions take place . Its a very simple chat client and hasn’t changed much over the years. Its basically a giant instant messaging client.

Why use IRC?

IRC is where our community started and IRC will always be the heart of our community. We don’t all leave ventrilo up all day or visit the forums daily but we all idle in IRC when we are at our computers and others like me IDLE 24/7.  Its a great place for links, if anything else, which is probably why you are on this site in the first place… and its where we set up our organized gaming activites. If you have any interest in joining the clan your IRC presence is pretty much required.

How do I IRC?

You need this (MiRC client download).

Read UltraCarls acient guide that still applies.

If you already have mIRC installed click here to connect to our channel.