September, 2007

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Dissolving The Girl

One of Massive Attack’s moodiest tracks ‘Dissolved Girl‘

Where Credit Is Due

I know pretty much everyone skips the credits of a game once you finish it. After the ordeal of finishing a game who wants to sit there and look over geeky programmer names? But there has been some good credits in the past, what do you think is the best credits for a game?

Traveling For Tramps

So which country has the hottest women? What’s your vote?

PoD: Eye for an Eye

Buff n’ Stuff

So todays TF2 news brings a nerf and a buff. Demoman grenades (not stickybombs) no longer explode on contact after the first bounce Well, this is big nerf for my fellow spammomen. No longer will you get those lucky bounces, if you don’t make direct contact you aren’t getting the kill anymore. I fully agree […]

Unleash the Fury

I don’t know if many of you have heard of Fury but you will shortly as they have announced they will be having a $2 million ladder system during the beta. This will guarantee they have a shitload of people to test their server loads. There’s a lot of people on the fence about this […]

Azn Engineer Love

Bucky & UltraCarl pre-match <3

Criminal Gamers

So which one is better… Halo 3 Vandalism or Nintendo Drug Abuse? You decide!

Brain Munchies

Guys, you know I care for each and everyone of you deeply right? Because of that I want you to heed my warning… Stay off the zombie drug!! Be smart and stick to drugs that will give you uncontrollable munchies or that will bribe hookers to touch you in your naughty places. Thank you for […]

Downward Spiral Defense

There was a TF2 patch today and it had one significant change. No more friendly fire!?!? Wow. I think this just shows the changes we’re all expecting to help with balancing for clan play aren’t coming and their big picture is mass market appeal and not the TF community that has been waiting for 10 […]

Bribe the Tribe

Gametribe has announced they are bringing their range of free MMO games to the UK. Already with hundreds of thousands of Korean users they expect some of their more popular games like Kicks the soccer MMO to be huge there. So I guess the real question is, it free for us dominant nations as well? […]

Zombies & Xenophobes

EA is stepping out the norm and have announced an original IP!! While you can expect them to sequel the hell out of it if it does well it’s nice to see they are actually breeding new content into a marketplace they make stale with all their yearly iterations. As well, this is a sci-fi […]

Achievement Whoring

Only reason to buy Halo 3? The achievements! 

Running Out Of Time

There just never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything. With Halo 3, TF 2 and a host of other games to delve into including that mundane game of real life, been tough to find all the good stuff out in webland. But, the internet doesn’t stop so let’s randomly linkstigate a bit.  An MMO bans guys playing […]

Make Me Maple Laugh?

Ok, this is weird. Mike Myers, known for his Austin Powers movies and also for being from Ontario, has announced that his next movie will focus on the Toronto Maple Leafs and their 40 year drought for the Stanley Cup! It’ll be called the Love Guru and he wrote the screenplay himself. Ok, but that’s not the funny part, the cast […]