December, 2008

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For Your Consideration

It’s that time of year where all the movies for Oscar consideration get leaked. Now I’m sure you couldn’t give two shits about that but what really rules is that all of those movies get screener’ed overnight and all the movies in theaters are now watchable in great quality in the comfort of your own […]

Scene of the Crime

<alc> LOXICO BURRESS <[Ht]v> so for lox. wtf were you at that dive ass club <[Ht]v> did you see the pics of the club <[Ht]LOx> i went in real quick to drink a beer <[Ht]LOx> i wasn’t gonna chill in there <[Ht]Mad> looks so ghetto in Newark I thought it was a screencap from fallout […]

The Fur Based Freakshow

One question I am sure someone out there has asked before… “Is there such thing as a hot furry?” The immediate answer is undoubtedly no. The furries fetish stemmed from the ability of anonymity during intercourse with the creepy liking the feel of fur coming secondary and what hot person isn’t vain and would detest […]


Quotes are an entertaining thing to peruse while bored on the internet. Bash is always a good quote depository. Howabout a collection of WoW quotes? Check out the WoW Bash.


This is the best Yahoo answer I’ve ever seen.

Playstation 3 is amazing! NETFLIX

If you don’t already have this revolutionary piece of hardware, the PS3, you are certainly missing out. As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to own this funbox, you will now have one more — read on my friends! Recently, something great has come about. If you are a Netflix subscriber with any of […]

Grandma’s Boy

I just wanted to point out a film that’s extremely under appreciated, Grandma’s Boy. It didn’t have much marketing when it came out in 2006 and got mostly horrible reviews (16% on RT but 7/10 on IMDB)… However, its up there in my top 10 movies of all time list. Let me share for you […]


Watch the high res version.

Lox Got Lead For Christmas

<[Ht]LOx> god <[Ht]LOx> i had a fucked up weekend <[Ht]LOx> some stupid fucking nig shot me He’s not joking either. Lox was at some shady club on the weekend, chillin’ outside when shots rang out and he got clipped. He’s ok but had top spend 4 days in the hospital. Merry fuckin’ Christmas Brooklyn!

Ricky Still Blazin’

2008 Round-up

With it being the end of the year it’s time to weigh in on what you felt rocked when it comes to media. We’ll cover movies, tv shows and video games. We’d do images as well but for one, it’d get NSFW in a hurry in here and secondly so many sites compile all the […]

A White Christmas

Well Hostiles, Christmas is upon us and you will be fuming if you don’t get everything you asked for under the tree. Remember while you’re unwrapping all your frivolous gifts that there’s people out there much more worse off than you so be thankful for whatever you get. Because hey, you could be having a […]

The Lonely Island

For those who still enjoy Saturday Night Live I don’t know how you do it. I try every week to get into it but the sketches just epic fail left and right. The musical acts seem to be outperforming the actual show lately. The only saving grace I’ve found in SNL is Andy Samberg who […]

Holyfield versus the Giant

Nuke the Planet

Have you ever just been sitting around wondering what would happen if your city or an adjacent one got nuked? Would you fall victim to the fallout? Would you become some mutated freak that wanders the desolate earth in search of non poisoned water? Well, you no longer need to contemplate it all as you […]