August, 2007

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Sundays Just Got Hostile

Just a reminder that the Ht Fantasy Football draft is only 2 days away! This year has our largest group with 16 players so the pickings will be thin. The draft order will not be decided until 30 minutes before the draft (Sunday, noon PST) so if you aren’t going to make it make sure […]

Get Your Ass On The Floor

Download Yo Majesty!’s “Get Low Club Action” (Scattermish‘s Timid Fuckup edit) from BigStereo

Flash n’ Crash

Ok, just gotta take this turn strong… I’m in the home stretch… I’m gonna win my first race! Look at the throngs of fans cheering me on!! Holy shit is that a….OOOH FUUUUCK. (click the jump to watch, nsfw!)

PoD: Shaolin Washing Mashine

Demo-lition Expert

One of the great things about the XBox Live Marketplace is being able to try before you buy. With console games being somewhat expensive you need to pick and choose which titles you’d want to spend your hard earned money on. Most titles now release a demo about 2 weeks before release, to get the […]

Wallet Warriors

For you Americans that have money to burn you need to be paying attention to Woot. Why you ask? because there’s a Woot Off going on! That’s right, for the next 24 hours or so there will be products flying off the shelves. For those who have never woot’ed before, the website lists one tech […]


  So here I am, sitting at work bored out of my skull. It’s so gorgeous out it just makes me realize that I need a vacation. But where to go? I don’t want to go some stupid desert, i don’t want to go somewhere where I will get my ass kicked by a girl […]

Quarter Me This, Quarter Me That

When it comes to stupid human tricks, this one takes the cake. Click the jump to watch.

PoD: Man of the Mosh

Deadbeat Designers

One of the main questions I get when people find out that I’m a video game designer is, “oh my brother loves video games, how can I get him a job doing that?” Well first step is, don’t ever fall for something stupid like this. Reminds me of the colleges you find on a pack […]

Circular Manslaughter

Some XBox 360 news for all you console kiddies:  All the games released this week suck. Halo 3 is gone gold, release is Sept. 25th. Halo 3 achievements are confirmed as well. Puzzle Fighter HD is on XBLA and it is sweet! Streets of Rage 2 quietly appeared as well. Next weeks Arcade release is War World. If you didn’t sign-up for the […]

We Need More Maps!

According to Miss Teen South Carolina, the United States needs more maps! Someone was kind enough to help her out by setting up a website where maps can be sent in. Everyone needs their education on geography! I have embedded the video inside the more if you want to watch her “awesome” response to the […]

All I Want for Christmas is Some AvP

Ask and yee shall recieve! While the initial Aliens vs Predator wasn’t that great a flick it at least let us finally see 2 of the dopest fictional alien species battle it out. So a sequel (titled Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem) was never in question, the suits know what people want to see and I […]

Roxorz yer Bloxorz

Try this game out. Right now. I mean it, you better of clicked that link. Or else…

PoD: Lox In Da Club