July, 2008

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Asianesque Poopsocking

NCSoft announced a new MMO on the way today. It’s called Blade & Soul and it’s probably not your cup of tea. It’s overly asian looking and looks to be a mix of Naruto meets Street Fighter. I know, weird. But you can watch the first trailer of the game here and judge for yourself. […]

Watching the Watchmen

One of the best graphic novels of all time is coming… To a theatre near you in 2009! Looks absolutely sick.

British Bird’s and the Bee’s

Ok guys, it’s time for…”the talk“.

Soul of a Fighter

If you are uber cool like me you’ve already been rocking Soul Caliber 4 to it’s full potential. With the ability to play online with created fighters and with a ton of depth with itemization and additional skills to assign it’s a very deep game. The reviews have been good too and people are enjoying […]

Keeg’s Big Dead Snake

Gibkeeg just got back from vacation. While there he filmed this short clip.

Acid Trip in 20 Seconds

I’m usually not one for minor parlor tricks. But I liked this one.

Streakin’ the Love

This is either the most touching or disturbing love story of all time…

Fuck You Funcom

So for those who’ve been wondering how AoC is doing…here’s a spot of bad news. Take it with a grain of salt as you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. But there is signs that some of this is true and if it is then the lifespan of this game might not be […]

Damned if You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Ok guys, it’s time to gamble. It’s pretty simple. You have 2 choices. One you win, the other you lose. So choose this one or this one. I’d consider both NSFW but I guess it matters where you work.

Defense of the Assholes

There’s a few people in #Hostile still addicted to DotA. I don’t know why, it’s like the 2fort5 of RTS games. Boooring. What’s not so boring is the classic Basshunter video! Man, if I was having raves at my lan party like that I’d be throwing games left and right! But let’s be honest, these […]


I noticed that in Paradigm‘s topic they had the Top 10 Frag Videos which not surprisingly, is in the topic because Justice is an ego maniacal whore and is featured in the number 8 video. But what was surprising is the amount of TF2 videos present. Uhh, there’s a ton of other FPS games that […]

UFC Exposed

Console Cuddlers

So you are one of the billions who ended up buying a Wii. For the first week you were loving it. My Mii looks so cute! I am bowling in my livingroom! Yippee!! But after dropping all that cash on accessories and horrifically made games you notice the dust settling on your console. Well luckily […]

Dark Side of the Loon

Cheaters Never Prosper

By now you’ve gotten to see the infamous Yahtzee do his Age of Conan review. Pretty spot on, while it’s a good game it’s still under development and can’t be deserving of any high praise. But the game is progressing and with the impending PvP patch things should begin to get interesting. You know what […]