June, 2008

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The Website Is Down

Our boy Kart hasn’t had much time to game with us lately but that’s ok, we know it’s because he’s been so busy with work lately. Being in the IT field we know he is inundated each day with stupid questions and stupider peoples problems and we really do feel for him, except we know […]

Party Like a Rockstar

Seeing as our members are older and aren’t as insane as they were as teenagers when we do find time to get out and let loose it’s just not the same as grab some booze and get wasted and see what trouble we can get into. Sure that’s always a possibility but it’s better to […]

Burn Hollywood Burn

A hot time lapsed video of the devastating fire storm.

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Next time you’re at the mall, try this out.

Wrong Turn


So we’ve been toiling away on Tyranny and been making progress legitimately. While I had mentioned the first siege has occurred on our server it comes as no surprise one of the guilds involved has been exploiting the fuck out of the game since the start. In the MMO community Ebonlore is pretty widely hated […]


Now here’s a movie that will get you cluckin’…

Ball Goes In Hole

If you were this good you’d be rockin’ it in Euro 2008.


The craziness of the Spore Creators continues and now approaches very disturbing levels. Take a look at some of the NSFW creatures over here. My favorite is still the Beholder from classic D & D and early Doom.

Architectural Assault

Over on Tyranny we’ve now completed the tier 1 requirements of the guild city, which is pretty good considering we’ve only got a handful of end-gamers, and can now begin gearing and gathering towards moving into end-game. Once at a tier 3 City Keep we’re able to secure a Battle Keep and begin defense of […]

2 Girls, 1 Cake

Horny Li’l Bastard

Uhhh…unicorns are real?!

Lakers Lament Loss

Kevin Garnett shows what a class act he is and allows the Lakers to attend the championship party. As you can tell, they were just happy to be there.

Meet the Sniper

While I haven’t touched TeamFortress 2 in quite some time I sure do miss headshotting all the noobs running around without a clue. Valve continues to release their class videos and this one’s the best yet. The aussie sniper really delves into his daily work and shows how much he loves his family. The drunken […]

Can’t Fight the Fire

Finally, Firefox 3 is out!