August, 2008

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Gender Growth

Have you ever walked into a public urinal and are confused as what the etiquette is if any of the stalls are in use. Well, the one rule you should know is never use the open stall between 2 already occupied stalls. If you didn’t know about this, you’re most likely already gay. I’d expect […]

The Book of Kosher

 <MrBuzzcut> bacon is like.. gods joke on muslims

The Dark Has Finally Fallen

Hey remember that game Darkfall? You remember the one, it was just about to come out and they released this sick trailer showing pretty much the funnest MMO ever. But, a year later nothing had been heard, our guild beta application going no where. But they have released this new gameplay footage and have opened […]

Hostile Fantasy Football

We’re one week away from Widow Sunday. Yup, football season is here! So, the last Sunday before the season starts we always do our annual draft. With the Ultimate also covering Football we had 2 drafts today. Footballs usually the most universally run of the fantasy sports so we did things a li’l different this […]

Marky Mark and the Magical Bunch

The full length trailer for the upcoming Max Payne movie is now out. Check it.

Bible Thumping

<odieny> i heard masturbating will make me gay <odieny> confirm/deny? <[Ht]alright> here’s to hoping <alc> yes oderus <alc> here is a highly intellectual article on it actually <alc> many very good, and scientifically verified, points

Master of His Fortress

So I have to admit, I’ve been sucked back into TeamFortress 2. With Age of Conan’s quick demise there needed some way to satisfy the blood lust until the Warhammer beta¬† opens up again. The reason TF2 has had a revival is constant content additions. Every month or so one class gets some real love, […]

The Cleavage Calamity

Damn, why do big boobs immediately equal being bad at video games?! It’s like a curse…check it out.

Bang it like Beckham

Inside David Beckham’s brain… …focus on the game David, focus. Mmmm this chick looks like a hot Courtney Cox, I wonder if she’d like to be ‘friends’ with the Beckster. Oh yes, that is the nicest ass you’ve had this close to your mouth in ages. That thing actually has some meat on it…not like […]

Tin Foil Hat Brigade Strikes Again

Hey I’m the last person to drum up any interest into whatever nefarious plans the NWO or Bin Laden or whoever the fuck is out there to screw with us but if they want to hurt us they should be looking into this. Without our internets we are nothing!

CAL Counterstrike

Now this is just plain funny.

Pucker Up

My Inhaler Was In There!

Ok, today we’re going to climb a freaking mountain. Backpack. Check. Water and energy bars. Check. Golf club and balls to launch off the peak. Check. Sweet, we’re set. What could possibly go wrong?

They Just Don’t Get It…

Gentlemen, do not let the woman organize! We have to nip this in the bud.

Pandora is Pimp

Just wanted to share with everyone a sweet service I stumbled upon recently. It does what several other sties, including Yahoo! LanchCast have tried to do over the years, but does it well and most importantly does it free. Basically you tell it a band, song, or genre of music you like, and it goes […]