Ok dudes, I know you all sit around doing nothing all day and night and it’s time you cashed in on this. There’s a new feature for mobile phones where you can text to 242242 (ChaCha) and ask any question and you’ll get an answer. This is totally free to do btw. But, here’s the kicker. You can be the guy who answers all the questions! If you apply here you can get paid 20 cents per answer you do from the comfort of your home, whenever you want. If you’re sitting around leveling in AoC or jerking it to Oprah it’s the perfect way to get some extra drug money.

Now think even bigger picture. You’re out at the club, rockin’ your wolf shirt and mackin’ the honeys. “So, what do you do?” she asks. You can reply “I am basically God and answer questions for anyone in the world” and you wouldn’t be lying!! She will strip naked and ask for you to inseminate her on the spot, guaranteed. Do you or don’t you? Only you can answer that one because you’re the only one getting paid to do so.

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