February, 2009

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The Slippery State

Achievement Whoring Never Stops

I know I know, I’m an achievement whore. I can’t help being better than all of you ok, don’t judge me!! What would be cool is if we could gain achievements for things outside of games, here’s a few interesting suggestions.

Sunshine Megatron Lied To You

Last month I was slightly shocked to see that T-Shirt Hell, the internets most depraved apparel shop, announced they were closing down due to numerous complaints on their content. Run by a dude named Sunshine Megatron (for reals) I thought this was a bit suspicious and decided not to make an order on a few […]

Supreme Wave

Movie Maniacs

Some randomness from the film world. The sequel to Donnie Darko is straight to DVD, check the trailer out. Interested in being in Iron Man 2? Here’s their casting call listing. Megatron does show up in Transformers 2, here’s the first sneak peak. Here’s a spoiler trailer for Judd Apatow’s next movie, Funny People. Street […]

Grippin’ the Pride

Warden Alex Larenty: “I’m holding a lion’s balls.“ Thank you for that Alex.

Where’s My Pot of Gold Motherfucker?!

Patching the Net

For those who still play NHL ’09 there’s a new patch coming! It’s already hit on the PSN but still waiting for Microsoft on the XBox tip. Anything worth playing is worth waiting for after all. The real good news is that EA is finally doing something right and keeping their games alive. Go figure.


I don’t usually gush over a game trailer but this one got me immediately wet. You have got to see this.

Breaking the Hadouken Habit

I tried and tried to not get into Street Fighter IV. For one, I’m not azn so I can’t fathom the possibility of battling in sweaty arcades against other leather clad azns. I also believe Soul Caliber is the funnest fighter especially in the console age as it has plenty of story and unlock depth […]

Self Esteem Serial Killers

Ah 4chan, your level of depravity will never cease to amaze me.

Stuntman or Burning Man?

Fantasy Factory Fun

One of my favorite “athletes” is Rob Dyrdek. This long-time skater is hilarious and used to have a hit Mtv show called Rob & Big. He’s also appeared in Righteous Kill (that shitty Pacino/De’Niro movie) and in both iterations of EA’s Skate. Well, he’s got a new show on Mtv called Fantasy Factory where he […]

Revolutionary Robots

I haven’t been following the Big Dog Project very closely but it is pretty cool to see people building robots that can fend for themselves and actually be useful. I envision these starting out as pack mules but eventually becoming wandering propery watchdogs for the rich and of course, some sort of military version that […]

Pre-Date Rape Glow