September, 2009

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Cosplay City

APB Gameplay Video

What’s this? Actual in-game footage of All Points Bulletin?! Well it’s about fuckin’ time. Shit looks good too, like how GTA was supposed to be online. If you’re still into PC titles and MMO’s then this is a no brainer. But will we eventually see it on consoles? And will it be cross platform? My […]

Pew Pew

Making audio for video games is a lot harder than you think. This guy makes it all look so easy…

Lox in a Box

I’ve got 2 surprises for you today. The first, Lox has a website. The second one is, it’s actually not a bad site!

Ht’s Hockey Heroes

NHL 10 is now out. Hopefully it lives up to expectations and is a quality long term sports title. We have a Club formed and will begin training camp shortly so we’re ready to begin play for season 2 (12 days away). So find me on 360, send me a message if you want an […]

More Facebook Follies

Ah Facebook, is there anyone you can’t embarrass?

The Gun Gang

I usually don’t care for weird peripherals especially when it comes to Shooters but damn, this one might actually be pretty fun. But I wouldn’t be willing to pay much and I bet this is currently an expensive proposition. Still, the future looks bright for controlling our virtual murderers. Check the video.

Grocery Run Fun

Bitch Proof

Proof that if you are ambitious & evil you can pull off a serious grift. Proof that there’s a website for everything. Proof that college football has a reason to watch it. Proof women who can wield a weapon are hot.

Modern Warfare Elite 360

If you are still a caveman without a XBox 360 maybe this will get your money.

Worlds Largest Pizza Cutter

Welcome to the Hat Store

Don’t know if anyone even cares anymore but some TF2 Beta footage got leaked…

Artificial Assault

Oh shit, the robots are attacking! We better be prepared for war.

Triple Axel

Skate 3 has announced that it will be out May 2010 and that the focus is on community and co-op play. I’ve also asked the lead producer if they can explore adding in a 16 player deathmatch mode; where 16 people join a park and if you fall you’re out and everyone who survives competes […]