Quake Live Guide

A lot of people are playing Quake again! This is always good news. Lets get into how to set up your Quake Live to separate yourself from the hordes of noobs that will soon be all over Quake Live when it opens.

The first thing we need to do is get you using the console. By now I’m going to assume that you have already used the in game menus to get the game launching full screen and not running inside your web browser. If this is not the case you may be beyond help! Just kidding, to find these options go to the quake live home screen, find “game settings“, then click the game settings tab and look for video options.

Now we need to get you using console. Load up a game, by yourself or with bots, and press control+alt+~. You need to hold down the control key, alt key, and then press tilde (~). Now the console should drop down. Type this into the console.

/com_allowconsole 1

From now on the console will drop down whenever you press ~ without needing control and alt. You also now have easy access to enter commands into the game and exec configs. The next step to removing yourself from the Quake Live noob crowd is to use customized configs (.cfg files) to remove less desirable portions of the game like auto weapon switch and to make it easier to play by forcing enemies to all be the same model and easy to see. The first thing you need to for this is to locate your Quake Live game files. They are in two different spots in Vista and XP. Either way bring up the Run dialog in Windows by holding your windows key and pressing R. Now type in the following and click OK:


%appdata%\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3


%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\

In this folder, you can drop custom .cfg files to be executed in games. This is also where your demos and screenshots will go should you decide to take any.

There are TONS of commands for quake, seriously, you will find no shortage of repositories for quake 3 console commands and the game can be tweaked to your hearts content… but you definitely want to force models. For lists of commands check the links at the bottom of this post. Anyway, to load these commands we need to make a cfg. To make a .cfg you need to create a new text file (right click in the folder and choose new -> text file) in your baseq3 directory and rename it to a .cfg file from the .txt file that gets created. You may need to show file extensions to do this. If you use Vista hold ALT and press T to bring up tools -> folder options and show file extensions is in there. I use “a.cfg” so its easy to remember and type in. Now drop the commands you want to use in there and save it. Load up Quake Live, open the console, and type “exec whateveryoucalledit.cfg” without quotes. You may need to restart the client for the changes to take effect. To do this type “vid_restart” into console.

To start you off you can take a look at my config which I’ve uploaded here. Beware though if you use my config, I make drastic changes and blur my textures so the game looks like I’m playing super mario brothers. Here is a quick video I made demonstrating the dm6 bridge to rail jump in which you can see the effects of my config.

You can also call your config “autoexec.cfg” and it will run everytime the game loads. I don’t like to put too much in my autoexec but some people put their whole config in there. Personal preference I guess. One thing for sure you want in a autoexec.cfg for Quake Live is your rate command. Quake Live puts your rate back down to something like 8000 every time you load up the game so to counteract that make a autoexec.cfg with “rate 22000″ in it. The devs obviously want the rate not sticking at high values so some values are reset even after autoexec runs. So I just throw a new line with “bind f9 “exec autoexec.cfg” ” and press f9 once in game.

Find me on IRC if you need any help with quake commands, I’m almost ashamed to admit how many I know off the top of my head. For further reading check out’s Quake Live Community, it is full of great info for beginners to the game. Theres also a good list of commands and another good Quake Live community over at QuakeLiver.

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