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Prop 19 Fail

Well California, I guess everyone who was supposed to vote for Prop 19 was too lazy and stoned to bother to vote. I really thought this one would go through, everyone thinks liberally in California and understands how much money this would bring in, or do they? Do they even understand how useful hemp is? […]

Heart of a Lion

This is why you don’t fuck around with Canadian geese.

Spider Rehab

I normally do not advocate testing on animals up here in Canada, except this.

Pining For Some Cuteness

It’s not always going to be just fire and brimstone around here anymore. Sometimes just seeing something totally adorable can make your day.


Puckin’ Up the Playoffs

For everyone about to inhale the 2010 NHL Playoffs here’s a break down for each series so you are capable of pilfering your bookie’s bankroll thanks to my impeccable predictions. What makes me qualified to know exactly what is going to happen? That’s easy, I’m Canadian. Eastern Conference Washington (1) vs Montreal (8) How do […]

Olympic Pride

I’ve been feeling pretty patriotic lately with Vancouver going crazy. So here’s an American video about Canada so we make sense to you guys.

Blame Canada

Having the Olympics occur right outside my balcony has put me be right in the middle of the action. Not a fan of the sports involved, except hockey, but of course it’s everywhere right now. Not going to get in the whole USA vs Canada debate so I decided to find some common ground we […]