February, 2008

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Best. Trailer. Ever.

  The Iron Man theatrical trailer, now in HD! Robert Downey Jr.’s the man! Too bad the trailer is a pretty bad spoiler.

Be A Dick Inc.

Since the Hostile community are all seasoned internet villains we always need different outlets than the normal internet victims out there. Be it harassing noobs on forums or spamming social sites for their queerness, we all need an outlet to vent our frustrations at noobs thinking they know wtf they are doing. So today I give you two […]

A Tattoo of a Hooker Lizard

Some random linkery from the #Hostile spam today. This armadillo lizard is about the coolest reptile I’ve ever seen. This tattoo technology is crazy if real. I’d like to think I’m not this dumb. Please agree.


  No, this isn’t going to be a video of Paris Hilton out on the town getting some sexings. Oh no, this is a little collage of the number of F bombs that were said in the hilarious movie SuperBad.

Cosby Kills It Son!

 Oh Snap!! – Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix) from Palms Cosby keeps it real! NSFW!

Blowing A Skater

As a former anarchist skateboarder there was nothing better than vandalizing city property with my totally tubular actions. Well, skaters are taking it to a new level.

I’m Fuckin’ ______!

Ok, we all saw Sarah Silverman’s I’m Fuckin’ Matt Damon. Well after the jump, check out Jimmy Kimmel’s rebuttal to his hoe’s infidelities. It also looks like others are jumping on this bandwagon, check it.

Gamer Greatness

A li’l quiz for the gamers out there…you ready?

Red Rings

Yeah my 360 just died on me last night.

I Drink Your Milkshake

There was a new Saturday Night Live this week. It was nothing special, Tina Fey epic failed on many occasions. But there was one skit I got a kick out of. You’ll of had to see some of the Oscar nominated movies for it to make sense…Edit: Video updated!

Cerebral Playlist

Larry Tee’s I Love You (Bart B Dub) from Palms

T-Shirt Temper Tantrum

I’m a bit of a print whore. If you don’t know what that means then consider yourself lucky. The problem with being a print whore is shit is expensive!! Nowadays, being able to shop online for tee’s and hoodies you can find anything your warped little mind can think of. It’s cheaper in general as […]

‘Sing the Anthem Right Next Time, Asshole’

Random Reviewery

With the Hostile Forums being changed up to allow for deeper forum use, a few of the sub-forums rarely get used anymore. But there’s still content to read so get to clickin’. The Reviews forum is for anyone to post and let us know what you like or didn’t like about a current media. Check […]

Animal Cruelty