April, 2010

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Rockstar’s Redemption

We’re 3 weeks away from the release of Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption. While a western shooter isn’t usually high on my list of games to play (ahem Call of Juarez) this one does have some interesting multiplayer to tackle. Being able to form a posse and free roam the land hunting people down […]

Korean Krack

Everyone in #Hostile is currently playing the StarCraft 2 Beta which I think you get a key for pre-ordering the game. The release is still a ways away so this might be yur best chance to start zergin’ it up. I know nothing about azn RTS games so you’ll have to hit up the channel […]


Born Free

Please, go watch this video. It may be just a music video but it will change your life…if you have red hair.

Decade of Detpaks

Just to reminisce a li’l bit, here is Tick’s QWTF archive. He’s spent countless hours uploading all these matches so do him a favor and spend a few hours watching them!


1st Encounter

Ok guys, here’s some information you’ll need when ‘they’ visit.

Shake That Ass

This music video is amazing. If you’re into that booty shakin’ business.

MT on the Queen

Her Milkshake…

…brings all the boys to the yard.

Going Back In Time

Here’s a deal you consolers can’t pass up. Buy Singularity and get Prototype for free. First of all, Singularity is going to be a great game, they have taken forever to release it so that it can be a top tier title and it’s premise is very intriguing. But, if you haven’t played Prototype then […]

Bombs Bunny & Friends

We may not bother with TF2 anymore but we love the creativity!

Why Not…

Crappy Movie Night

It’s been pretty slim in the movie rip department the last few months. After all those Oscar rips we were stuck with a lot of no name DVDs. But things are picking up again and there’s plenty of movies to grab off the always engorged internets. So here’s a few worth considering adding to your […]

Balls In A Gutter

I am really really really into Bowling.