November, 2007

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When In Rome

I’ve always thought Frank Caliendo’s Madden impression is pretty dead on. In fact I’d rather watch him do Madden then ever have to hear that fat fucks voice again. He does a mean Barkley/Walton as well. The dudes got skills but how far can he go with it? His TV show may have just started […]

2 Girls, 1 Cafuffle

I’m sure most of you have had the dissatisfaction of watching the 2Girls1Cup video. Yes, it’s the latest and greatest in disgusting video and depicts well, here read this instead to get the jist of it. After, tubgirl and anal eels it was only a matter of time before a new star fell into […]

Russian Boxing

So a small announcement from the fags at Rockstar. Here’s the GTA 4 box art revealed along with a dumb little video of it being made. But fear not, December 6th is when we’ll see the new gameplay trailer.

The Emperor of America

Man, can you believe your tax dollars go to this? I’d be pissed if I were you.

Lifes Lessons

What’s the greatest thing about today’s internet? It’s being able to learn new methods to do everyday things, new tricks you’d of never thought of and of course, free stuff to download! Then there’s all the crazy pics and videos you encounter, being able to catch up on all your TV shows and all the movies […]

House of 1000 Muppets

This may be the greatest trailer of all time!!

Bring That Beat Back!

Download Apparat’s Holdon (Modeselektor Remix) from Palms


As you can see, some people run at the 1st sight of carnivorous canter in #Hostile: * Joins: FR\\\cocogc [HooN] I’ve never had that particular issue come up with vaseline [HooN] but my last ex and I were quite partial to olive oil * Parts: FR\\\cocogc

Baby Got Bouquet

The day you get married the one moment you’ll be dreading is your 1st dance. It’s alot of pressure, the new wife, everyone looking at you, your lack of knowing how to properly dance. So maybe do something like this instead:

Future of TF2?

So people are starting to get bored of good ol’ TF2; no new official maps, crits getting more and more annoying by the day and of course, COD4 is pretty damn good and able to sway a few people to spend their nights playing that. So what is Valve going to do to keep it fresh? […]

Dest the Douche?

After the Sunday football barrage in IRC, the weirdos come out and play in #Hostile: [dest] lol i dunno what got into me [dest] i met a stupid hot girl once, fucked her, then puked in her trash can so hard i shit my pants and had to clean it out in her bathtub, and […]

Working on a Sunday

Ht defended against the 4-0 Jobbers in TWL tonight. Ht takes the win on the classic 2Forts. Jobbers were a class act, which seems to be rare to find in todays clan base gaming, so we look forward to them climbing the ladder as well and getting to defend against them again soon. We’re now […]

Justice For One

While I’m not a huge fan of the whole Guitar Hero and Rock Band phenomenon I have to admit, watching someone drum in Rock Band on Expert is pretty crazy. Check it out:

Option for Comedy

For those who live in IRC as well as the real lifeness, you’ll know you have to be careful with the old copy n’ paste functions. Why? Well, in IRC when you highlight a body of text it automagically puts that text into the clipboard. So an accidental CTRL + V can paste something you […]

Da Assassin’s Code

So I finished up Assassin’s Creed today. Most people have been intrigued by this title but then back off when they hear that it’s a bit repetitive. Can’t blame for them that, there’s definitely a few repetitive natures to the game. But the enjoyable part is the production level of this title. Never have I […]