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That Time of the Year Again

Dressed for War


Glad to be Back.

  Game On. 09/08/11

Spec Op Guide for the Special

Need help three starring every Spec Op mission in Modern Warfare 2? Some of them can be pretty difficult to get. If you need some help getting those last few stars grab the guide after the jump.

Electric Glide

You know you’d hit that.

Master Brees

Presidents of the United States of Aion

Aion is turning into one hell of an awesome game. The character creator, as demonstrated above by Unpolited, can create some surreal look alikes. The PvP isn’t half bad either. Hostile Takeover has racked up thirty-thousand abyss points so far with five people, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I have almost […]

Not Here

Come to Conquer

Tyranny better watch out.

Pigskin Pleasure

The Ht FFL league has finally finished up Week 5 and are now 1/3 of the way through the fantasy league season. Looking at the results and its not a pretty picture. Hell, Lox lost his first game with his auto-draft team. I was really hoping to pull off a win this week against Speedy […]

TF2 Beta Crashing? Temp Fix Incoming!

A few players like myself have been having problems with crashing during loading. The valve video comes up black and leads to a black window which then crashes. Well I messed with some options and found this fix : Click Properties. Click Set Launch Options Input into the box that opened “-novid -windowed” (without quotes) […]