Ht History

Ht Background
Hostile Takeover was formed by Mad and Reesedog in early 1996. Originally, Reesedog hosted his own QWTF server and as they continued to play there a devout following of regulars began to play on our server. Mad had previously been a clan leader for Clan Kavorkian (the group behind the making of Mega TF) and together they decided that they needed their own team for QWTF and [Ht] was formed. Both Reese and Mad worked for EA Sports as game testers originally and with so many gamers that they worked with the obvious first recruitments were local friends that also played such as Dusty and Maestro.

QuakeWorld Team Fortress
Ht was a west coast based clan and began recruiting west coast players immediately. A few notable players were recruited from their public server including their first ever sniper Joip (who would later become their first full time spy). TF in its early days focused mainly on 2fort4 as the main map for competition. With an adept sniper to hold the loft and Reesedog with his 5 ping playing ramp room medic along with Mad piping the basement Ht surprised a lot of teams right out of the gate. One of the first clans to fall was Silver Dragons. Following the victory, the start of actual clan hostile takeovers began and the pilfering of players from the clans we’d beat. UltraCarl was our first full time engineer that Ht stole from =SD=. Then Ht faced off against one of the up and coming west coast clans, tF. After a brutal beating from the hands of Ht, the clan folded and Ht picked up their top players including Shroud and HellBat. Ht then added Ma Yuan and Nobody, both system admins from the east coast, which helped balance pings for matches against the east coast and gave them tech savvy members who not only helped form up their initial website and game servers but hosted the legendary Ht porn FTP. With a plethora of LPB players and a buttload of porn to keep them at home, Ht was ready to compete more heavily in league play.The toughest hill for Ht to climb was the top west coast clans at the time who were dominating league play. No matter how many clans Ht beat they’d eventually have to face off versus the lpb presences of im12, GT and [M]. It took time for Ht to be able to compete on a daily level with these top tier clans but the level of competition needed to compete brought Ht into the lower ring of top tier clans quite quickly and every game was a hard fought battle. With this new level of competition, top tier players are recruited. Kaizen snipers from California, BuckWyld and Ons are brought in and immediately bring Ht up a notch in the skill department. With success came more TF superstars wanting to join up. 2 of the top scouts in TF history both ended up playing for Ht (HooN and NaN) along with soldier/sniper god Dylan aka AtTheGates. A few notable moments:

  • Ht wins their first 5 matches.
  • Ht beats im12 for the first time in 6 tries 1-0 on Aztec. Im12 vows revenge.
  • Ht goes on a 13 game unbeaten streak between 2 leagues, finally getting blown out by [GT] on 32smooth, a map created by DrSmooth[GT].
  • Ht is the only clan to have played the guild Kaizen in a match. Both of Ht’s Kaizen snipers don’t show up and Ht is pinned in their base virtually the entire game and is outfragged by roughly 100 frags. However, Ht manages to cap and wins the overall match.
  • Ht enters Wells of Chaos (Well6 only league) and Well6 quickly becomes Ht’s strongest map.
  • Ht defeats AfterMath for the WOC championship, breaking AM’s 23 game unbeaten streak in this league. AM disbands shortly after.
  • Ht and CiaB, both friendly west coast based clans, face off on Bam4 for what seemed the millionth time. Both clans have strong defenses but Ht manages to pull a well fought cap out of their base and win the final confrontation between these two clans 1-0 with mere seconds to go.
  • Ht comes in second to Clan Wolvesmoon (one of the original TF clans) in the Fortzon Tournament. Fortzon was considered one of the hardest maps to play in TF history.

An early rivalry match-up on 2fort4: Ht 313-305 im’12

EQ, the first really life draining MMORPG is what most people think killed off Team Fortress. Because of the time invested and the involvement needed, Everquest made people disappear. Ht did not have a guild devoted to Everquest but had plenty of hardcore players. A few of the Ht members played for some of the top EQ guilds of all time and have seen and killed every God to ever rule over Norrath.

Counterstrike was our first foray back into team style FPS’ and as good as the game was in it’s early stages the influx of what was then termed ‘CS kiddies’ made this community very lame. Ht joined up into STA-CS and went undefeated at 9-0 to make it to the championship for their division. But an admin went and screwed us in the final, making us forfeit over server issues and lost us the championship. Ht decided to get out of the Counterstrike business and all were glad for that. As Counterstrike’s updates continued to newbify the game, Ht lost interest and left CS completely.

Day of Defeat
Ht is invited to be one of the sole clans to beta-test this Halflife mod. In the first few days though, the mod is decided to not be overly competitive with way too much spawn camping and griefers and Ht doesn’t pursue this title following the beta.

Natural Selection
Natural Selection was a fad mod, very fun and very different. Unfortunately it was not very balanced. Ht competed regularly during the early instances of this mod and enjoyed the games but essentially this mod was not able to give the proper structure for team based competition as exploitable instances were found and used by many. Natural Selection 2 anyone?

Planetside was overly hyped for us before it’s release. A clan based FPS MMO?! Perfect. Unfortunately, Sony did not have a proven track record when it came to supporting games of this size and the problems began immediately. However, Ht persevered in Planetside and is still a formidable force with the people left who play. Originally we had a small squad of Hostile’s and a few friends. We then began recruiting inside of the game and promoted a few of the key members such as Wimpy, Rina, Eaz10, Rathdal, Dreamer, Indignation, kidRiot, Fade and Mobius to full blown Hostile’s. Ht also allied up with old QWTF rivals GothicTerror’s outfit and worked so well together the alliance continued into other games as well.
Ht was one of, if not the most feared guild in Planetside and rivaled the spam outfit that Ht shared geography with in the world.

Top notch players saw a small band of players competing daily with a 2000+ guild in the rankings and came over to play. Ht invented the term ‘surgile’ and were known for being ‘Hotdrop Takeover’ as coordinated attacks were the norm. The Ht outfit played a major part in how tactics evolved in PS and to this day remain innovative, mobile and aggressive in conquering the continents. SgtMad, our oldest Hostile, still leads the Planetside crew with an iron fist and commands respect in the Planetside world as one of the few to coordinate attacks and defenses on a regular basis. As interest in the game started to die and servers merged, players still stuck to PS and continue to come back and frag in the name of Ht.

This was a short lived game for Ht. A lot of our longtime members were older and had lives now, not able to devote the time to nightly gaming. Luckily, our contingent of players from Planetside and IRC allowed us to field teams but not to the level of competitiveness we wanted. After 1 season and countless frustrations from playing an EA product, Ht gave up on Battlefield and all it’s iterations.

World of Warcraft
Ht knew WoW was going to be a huge success, with multiple beta accounts a lot was already in place when the game came out for all of the Hostile’s to be successful. Ht formed their own guild allowing past Hostile players from Planetside and other games to join up along with past QWTF players who needed a home in-game. With Ht’s focus being on PvP the early run was with PvE content to outfit all members. PvE did start to takeover most time played for members and the hardcore PvPer’s began to revolt.

Once Blizzard embraced PvP and put it in the game fully, Ht reverted to hunting parties over raiding and this split the guild. With Mad away working heavy overtime, Xplicit took over the reigns of the guild and had Ht become the first guild on the server to legitimately kill Ragnaros, the uber boss at that time. But with any MMORPG based around items, drama began to unfold between the PVPer’s and the PvEr’s and Ht decided to disband the guild and allow players to make their choice by joining a new PvE guild or an existing PvP guild. While Ht lost a few very good members in the process, in the end it was important to step away from a game that rewarded greed and get back to Ht’s strength, team based games.

XBox 360
Numerous Hostile’s play 360 titles online. When a worthy title is released you can usually find us all playing it. Current titles that Ht plays together are Gears of War, Pro Evo Soccer, Forza Motorsport 2, Shadowrun, Catan, Carcassone, and Bomberman Live. Check the XBox section to team up with us!

Ht has been going 10 years strong and doesn’t look to stop now. TF2 looks to bring back some of the glory the original iteration held and Ht will be forming up a squad to take on all comers. If you’d be interested in joining the clan for competitive TeamFortress2 play you can apply through the site or come by IRC and chat.