November, 2009

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Call Sign Whoring

Now that most Hostiles are already prestiging all that’s really left is to rack up the kills and unlock titles and emblems. Here’s a wiki that is collecting how you unlock them all. There’s some great titles but a bit dissapointed that a handful of the emblems are tied to each guns completion as they […]

Access Denied

Frosted Fuckin’ Flakes FTW

If you’re like me you have a daily struggle. WTF cereal should I eat for dinner!? Well, thankfully this flowchart solves all problems.

Orange is the New Black

Wow, as much as I love those image compilation websites this one is just painful to look at.

You Are What You Eat

Uhh…sorta NSFW.

Nuclear Fallout

Ah nukes. The holy grail of Modern Warfare 2. Here’s some of the best nukes ever captured on camera.

Pie Chart Pwnage

This link is quickly making the rounds on the internet and for good reason, it’s hilarious. Just a simple e-mail correspondence but well worth the read.

From Fat to Phat, JLoHewey!

Late Night Ass Kissing

I’m not a fan of late night talk shows at all… But plenty of people are so here’s a site with all of the line-ups.

Yahtzee vs. Modern Warfare 2

It’s been awhile since we’ve watched a Yahtzee review. So let’s do it as he covers Modern Warfare 2!

Fidel’s Downfall

Learn n’ Burn > Spray n’ Pray

Time for some Modern Warfare 2 vids…

8 Bit Buggery

It’s amazing to see how people use their talents… This guy has some deep seeded issues to go along with his skills. (NSFW)

Choice of Console

As someone who works in the games industry I get the question, “which console should I buy?” alot. In the end it’s all about personal preference, your willingness to spend and how much time you want to invest. Each console has it’s strong and weak points. But, I think warning pretty much sums it all […]

Mona Diesel