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Skrillex Quest

The Mob Glitches Out

Got 15 minutes to kill? Watch this…

Randomly Playlistin’

This is a cool idea. Now if only we could do that with our own music collections!

Throw Down Like A Drunk Clown Listening to James Brown

I think it’s high time we threw the fuck down once again! Here’s a collection of music videos you can Kevin your Bacon to.

Grime Time

A few years ago I posted a street performer named Dub FX. He’s a jungle MC who improvises on the fly, in the street. He’s gone a bit more legit since being noticed. Here’s his latest offerings.

The Redneck Retard Rap

I used to enjoy Youtube but it’s turned into a giant karoake party. Fuck off.


Definitely one of the weirdest things to happen this week was the appearance of digital drugs. Supposedly kids were now getting high of off listening to certain mp3s. The gullible parents of course freak, believing this to be possible and the outrage ensues. It’s sad how quickly society will jump on something they know nothing […]

Eat Da Poo Poo

A lot of people ask me if Od3rus is in Hostile Takeover. I always reply yes, for many years actually and they always ask why? I think that’s kind of a rude question to ask but I guess since Odie basically just sits in IRC and makes fun of us all for actually playing games […]

Slay The Sinners

I don’t want to scare you guys but going to church just became really cool.

Born Free

Please, go watch this video. It may be just a music video but it will change your life…if you have red hair.

Flip Flops

So I was at Coachella this weekend…don’t remember much.

Achievement Unlocked

The one sound that gives me wood.

Toiling on the Toilet

Weird, I only use the bathroom the way it was intended to be used, to spray beef. Little did I know that people were using them for oh so much more.

Gettin’ Dicey

Very well done music video starring Battlefield Bad Company 2!

Lady or Lord?

Finally, we have an answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries!