April, 2009

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Wino Winner

This is the one and only time every in my life I have wished I was American… Check out this job. $10k a month to blog about wine?! Sign me up. Your duties would be to live in California on the winery, blogging and Youtubing about how wonderful it is to be getting drunk and […]

Mush, Mush, Grind

All this talk about MMO’s lately and how bad they are and then this one comes along! Rina must be jumping for joy right now, finally able to use his innate Alaskan abilities to dominate a game. It beats getting your WoW cyber on doesn’t it? Here’s the trailer:

Crushin’ Castles

I am very addicted to this flash game right now. There are a lot more fun flash games in this thread.

Red Steel 2 Announced

Time Sinking in Digital Quicksand

I have been posting a lot of MMO news lately which seems like a waste since there isn’t any really worth playing right now. But at any rate we know our community is always interested in games that are worth demoralizing the general public in so I’ll continue to post anything worthwhile. Speaking of worthwhile, […]

Ad Wars

Elderly Icons

Have you ever wondered what some of the most famous people in the world would look like if they were still alive? After the jump check out artist renditions of what Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe and Adolf hitler would look like if still alive today. Mind you, i am sure Marilyn would look like Joan […]

Flash Flood Downloading

If you’ve been paying attention to the internets lately you’ll notice that most video sites have switched to flash format for their videos. Be it YouTube, Hulu or the million porn sites that use this it’s now the preferred format. This is to save file sizes and allow streaming to be much more efficient. With […]

Miracle Fruit

I was watching United States of Tara the other night and they were eating this weird fruit on the show. This fruit would alter your taste buds for about an hour per berry. They were doing shots of tabasco sauce and other random condiments and they’d all taste radically different. I thought this would be […]

User Generated Film Art

I have been pimping the image compilations lately. People are too creative nowadays not to share… Here’s some artist renditions of past films. Some of these are amazing and better than the original artwork!

Fly Before You Die

So it turns out the MMO I had mentioned awhile back has really taken off. Ok, it’s only released overseas so far but Aion has launched solidly and brings something fun to the table. Flight. Yes it’s a complete WoW clone but that just means it’ll be comfortable to ease on into and see what […]

Video of the Year

Apocalypse Sow

The swine flu pandemic has hit North America. Yes, we’re all going to die. But before you do collapse in a pool of your own blood let’s look at how we could of stopped this before it began. You won’t believe this but WoW was the answer to controlling this. But now, it’s too late. […]

Grind Into The Ground

The last few years have turned a lot of us off of MMO’s. The time invested is too much for people older than tweens who have nothing better to do anymore and the quality level of these titles has been lacking for quite some time. While there are some quality on the horizon the jury […]

Kill or Be Killed

Our community is a pretty hardcore FPS community and can hold our own in any game that uses weaponry. But for those who are a li’l green around the reticules maybe this article will help you out. I know aiming and shooting sounds simple but knowledge is power people!!