Below are links to articles posted in PC.

QuakeCon 2013

Pay hommage to the series that originally brought us all here… QuakeCon 2013 went live a few minutes ago and will be streamed throughout the weekend. Check out the awesome matches already underway on QuakeLive.

Evolution 2013

This weekend marks the most anticipated fighting game event of 2013, Evolution! Tune in to the official Twitch streams below and watch some of the best players in the world go at it. Swing by #Hostile on IRC to get in on the only weekend where the rest of Ht doesn’t complain about me and […]

HtCraft 1.6.1 The Big Furries Update

Mojang released Minecraft 1.6.1 and we’ve upgraded the HtCraft server to the latest version. Among other things, it added horses, donkeys, and mules so all of your sick animal fantasies can be fulfilled. Swing by the public Ht Gaming Forums for get more information!

Planetside 2 Changes

Just a heads up that the Ht Planetside 2 outfit is no longer active. With MLG approaching and numbers dwindling the outfit officers decided that a merger was required. If you’re an existing player you can head over here to get rolling with the new outfit.

PlanetSide 2 Nexus Battle Island

If you are still playing PlanetSide 2, this new video might be of interest to you. It is just a quick little preview of the Battle Island and from the looks of the video, it looks really good. I do like the idea of having a tank battle in the middle of a forest.

Live From the Front Line

Ht has been featured in the latest PS2 war correspondence video! Very impressive production value. Don’t forget about our Youtube channel either, grunts.

Riot Sim

Would you guys play this game? Yeah, I thought so. It will be a reality very soon. Stay tuned.

Planetary Domination

Planetside2 has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for PC gaming, proving a lot of promised innovation and improvement over the original. Our outfit has continued to be an elite level NC outfit and again dominates the charts for the oft nerfed faction. Many will know that our Planetside crew, which has been around […]

Beta Season

There seems to be an abnormal amount of MMO’s going into beta right now. For seasoned gamers, you’ll know that getting into a closed or open beta is a great way to not only try before you buy but also see which class/skill set you’d like to work for on the games launch. Since the […]

Play In The Dark

Have you ever noticed that in film, a horror movie comes out every week. But in games we are lucky to see one a year. If you look back over the history of horror video games it’s a few¬†Asian¬†franchises that have been so dulled down to please the masses that there’s no scare left in […]

The Story of Notch

If you’re a gamer you are well aware of Minecraft. The sandbox builder was a game changer when it hit the scene and is the only game to ever topple a Call of Duty from the XBox Live top played chart. And it’s an indie game, made by one man. Well, I don’t need to […]

Evil Mastermind

We’ve been around gaming and the communities within for almost 2 decades now. For the uninitiated there is plenty of drama that occurs in the midst of these communities. While most of these soap operas do occur in the standard MMOs such as Everquest or WoW one of the most memorable ones occurred in Eve […]

Skrillex Quest

NC vs TR vs VS

For the Ht PS crew, their new adventures have them locked in an ongoing inter-planetary struggle between the 3 factions. While each faction mirrors the other in what’s available the differences in their equipment is what differentiates them from each other. Unfortunately, this can lead to balancing issues which can be pretty much summed up […]

Ree4, the C4 Whore

Let’s watch him farm, shall we?