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Grand Theft Hostile

GTA Online goes live tomorrow and the gangs all here to represent in Grand Theft Auto 5. So what are you waiting for? Join the crew and bust out the cocaine!

Manga Flavored Fava Beans

A rare look into UltraCarls anime lair.

QuakeCon 2013

Pay hommage to the series that originally brought us all here… QuakeCon 2013 went live a few minutes ago and will be streamed throughout the weekend. Check out the awesome matches already underway on QuakeLive.

Ht Open’s 9th Season

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the invites have gone out for the 9th season of the Ht Open, our yearly free Fantasy Football league. It’s just for bragging rights and there’s not much to go around as I have been dominating it the last 6 years. Although the dynasty may be […]

Planetside 2 Changes

Just a heads up that the Ht Planetside 2 outfit is no longer active. With MLG approaching and numbers dwindling the outfit officers decided that a merger was required. If you’re an existing player you can head over here to get rolling with the new outfit.


This one goes out to [Ht]KaRtToOn, who is expecting his 1st child. Let’s just hope the little Hostile doesn’t ever have to endure this nightmare.

Live From the Front Line

Ht has been featured in the latest PS2 war correspondence video! Very impressive production value. Don’t forget about our Youtube channel either, grunts.

Planetary Domination

Planetside2 has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for PC gaming, proving a lot of promised innovation and improvement over the original. Our outfit has continued to be an elite level NC outfit and again dominates the charts for the oft nerfed faction. Many will know that our Planetside crew, which has been around […]

End of Season Scoreboard

Our Fantasy Football leagues all concluded for the season last week. Here’s the results: Ht Dynasty (year 5) 2012 Champ – Vane ($300) 2012 Runner-up – Valence Toilet Bowl – Cijid (free entry) Ht Open (year 7) 1st – Kamen 2nd – Mad 3rd – Kenyon  

Evil Mastermind

We’ve been around gaming and the communities within for almost 2 decades now. For the uninitiated there is plenty of drama that occurs in the midst of these communities. While most of these soap operas do occur in the standard MMOs such as Everquest or WoW one of the most memorable ones occurred in Eve […]

Ht Video

We’ve consolidated a few of our old videos onto a Ht Youtube channel. Please subscribe as we’ll be pushing Planetside 2 videos there from our community. For members, you can add videos here (member only link). We also have tons of old QWTF matches up there thanks to Tickenest if you’re curious what online gaming […]

Ree4, the C4 Whore

Let’s watch him farm, shall we?

Happy Shoot People In The Face Day

Well, Planetside 2 is out. We’ve got a large outfit running in the game so if you end up playing it hit up our forums for more info. To celebrate, here’s some PS Cakes. Notice the tag on the top of the NC one hmm?

Hostile Biters

Check out these little Asian fuckers biting our name and assets. So I guess the question is, the standard licensing complaint or the tried and true unleash internet-based hellfire upon them as retaliation? Their non-existent DOTA skills won’t help when we show up at their front door. What say you Hostiles?

Wake Up The Troops!

It’s been a year since our last update. This was intentional. Hibernation is essential to combat training. With Planetside 2 release imminent it looks like this site will be updated again so don’t just skip to the forums anymore you greedy li’l buggers. There’s a bunch of things in the works and already going on […]