November, 2008

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Week 12 Open Update

Here is how we stand after 12 weeks in the Free Ht Open FFL League. I’m sitting on top pretty much because of Boldin. Despite missing a few weeks due to that needless game out of reach freight train hit he took still leads the NFL WRs in fantasy points with our scoring system. I’m […]

Sorry For Your Loss

If you needed further proof not to let MMOs steal your life, its looks like Gunny has lost to Valve. Gunny was last seen playing Karts EVE online account about 3 months ago. Gunny come back man, we miss your crazy German ass. Maybe he was the unfortunate recipient of a Black Friday Stampede? […]

PoD: Bad Idea

I hope this is photoshopped.

PoD: PNG – It Is Not New

From lbrandy

Daily Deals

Mad departed for vacation today so its on me to be the blog bitch since no one else ever does it. Got to put some time burners up because I know mostly everyone who hits hostilism is Canadian and stuck at work today (suckers). Lunks got a good post on Djedi’s site about playing left […]

Console Craziness

Mad might think organized gaming is on its way out, but I beg to differ. You have to wade through the countless games that just aren’t worth your time and find the few that shine. Granted the last few weeks have been tough. But hey, if you are one of those people that need to […]

The Fall of Gaming

I am fucking sick of games lately. There’s a ton of great games out but the over saturation of them all causes clan play to be pretty non-existent lately. Sure, we buddy up and play co-op or 3 or 4 of us will run together in an MMO for a few hours but with so […]

I’m Black & I’m Proud

In the day of high budget movies it’s nice to see not everyone cares about pyrotechnics and CGI. It’s time to go back to our roots and explore what made movies great and that doesn’t mean re-hashing every godamn original movie and slapping on a new coat of paint. It’s about re-inventing the mold. Here’s […]

Daily Douchebaggery

Some words never get old. Douche, is one of these words. Fuck, is another one of those words. I think anyone who caught the season finale of Entourage last night will agree the best line of the episode was E’s “Yeah, Fuck you”. These words always have their place, are a great insult and a […]

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

So there’s only a bit over a month left until Christmas. Since you’re all most likely lazy twats like myself and wait till the last minute to get the gifts you need to appease the relatives and loved ones you also know you’ll be shit out of luck once you hit up stores on Christmas […]

1st Round Pick Like Michael Vick

So I was down in Kansas last weekend bored out of my tree. There’s nothing to do whatsoever! So I wandered around and came across Leavenworth penitentiary and paid for a tour. As I walked around looking at the inmates I noticed that former NFL great Michael Vick was currently incarcerated here. So I went […]

Gamer Greed

There’s way too many games to play out right now. The Left 4 Dead demo for both 360 and PC is now out and it’s a pretty impressive game. Waves of zombies comin’ at you in a 4 player co-op setting will make sure lots of ammo is spewed to down the brain eaters. While […]

Cliffy B. Has Issues

As a game designer there’s only one game designer out there I can’t stand. Cliffy B. The dudes arrogance after the first Gears of War came out was out of control and he quickly showed what the epitome of douchery is. This time around he’s now Epic’s Design Director a very enviable position but the […]

Peyton is the Devil

Space Jump

As someone who will freely admit to being afraid of heights… This video blows my mind.