September, 2008

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GG 2

Holy crap! Fro posted a link today that blew me away. What would it be like if TF2 was a 2d side scroller? Well now we know. Gang Garrison II is a side scroller that emulates the Team Fortress mod with all the classes. You can try it out or if ultra lazy like me, […]

Get Cursed

I know for those who have been playing Warhammer that they’ve been having a blast. Finally a game that rewards PvP! Sure it’s still a time sucking MMO that guarantees no life but hey, which one doesn’t? An important factor in the success of any MMo is the ability to create and use add-ons to […]

Grindhouse in Space

So I watched a trailer over at IGN for EA’s upcoming horror survival shooter Dead Space today and was like WTF?! Having worked for EA for a number of years I always knew their production value on the game videos is top notch and they’d never do something as weird as this one. I did […]

Condition 1

So yesterday I recieved a video that shows Rina’s habitat/workplace. It’s worth noting that it is nothing like Fade’s house. But it sure looks cold there.


This right here is the most NSFW SFW video ever.


Hmm, hadn’t even heard of this in the works. First shots of GTA: Chinatown for the DS.

Desktop Diva

I am quite sure I am not the only one to own one or two weird ass desktop toys… Well, if you do own one then check this out.

Kimbo vs. LT

Nike are the kings of advertising and always seem to be on the cutting edge when it comes to commercialism. They also have the largest stable of top tier athletes to draw from and seem to use them in just the right way. Well, this may be the weirdest combination for a new commercial. Fantasy […]

Jesus Is My Homeboy

For those that don’t know, Fade is a motherfuckin’ biblethumper. <[Ht]Fade> Yo Mad, can you post up a video of my church’s band? <[Ht]Fade> Shit is bangin’ son Check it.

Extending Your Surfboard

For those who love their FireFox I’ve posted up my Top 10 Extensions. Feel free to add to the list.

The Adventures of Dr. Loxopus 2

How could I resist not making more of our IRC conspiracist!

The Adventures of Dr. Loxopus Pilot

With the Warhammer release most of us have been grinding away and learning the nuances of this new MMO. The server we chose, Dark Crag, is definitely a competitive server but with that comes the highest population out of any of the servers. This means long queue times while we wait for a slot just […]

Ht Hockey Draft

A heads up for members of the Ht Ultimate pool, I’ve moved the NHL draft back a day. It is now on Sunday, September 28th @ 1:30 pst. So get logged in as the afternoon football games begin.

PeeWee’s Pornographic Playhouse

Hammerin’ Hostiles

So Warhammer has begun. As you can see, I am ready. We’ve chosen Dark Crag as our server. (edit: had beta one, not release one up!) Those that got in the pre-release are already halfway to 40 and are leveling hard. For the rest of us we’ll be able to begin leveling tonight. Let’s hope […]