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When you see it, you will shit bricks and may wrap your sports car around a tree. (inside joke for the QWTF crew)

Ht Video

We’ve consolidated a few of our old videos onto a Ht Youtube channel. Please subscribe as we’ll be pushing Planetside 2 videos there from our community. For members, you can add videos here (member only link). We also have tons of old QWTF matches up there thanks to Tickenest if you’re curious what online gaming […]

The Fortress Show

TF2 art? Fuck yes.

C & C Fortress Factory

Everybody Fortress now! Dun…dun dun dun…

Building Blocks

I haven’t ever tried Minecraft but have heard of it. When I first saw the footage of it I immediately thought of QWTF, with the mipcap jacked. Graphically painful but easy to understand the environment. Well, Minecraft takes that to another level. Dropping you in a completely forgable world you can use blocks to create, […]

Python Fortress

Trust me, this is amazing. If you’re old enough to get the reference.

Meet the Fucker

Everyone’s busy playing Starcraft 2 and waiting for cool mods for it but let’s harken back to some TF2 which continues to expand. Valve plans to keep infusing the game with completion of the Meet the Classes additions and has announced that this month we’ll get a new game mode, 20 new weapons and hats […]

TF 40K

What would happen if you mixed Warhammer 40K and TF2? Well, this.

Fortress Cloning

Following the success of TF2 it was inevitable developers would figure out that with so many weapon based fighting games out there that taking a more comical approach allowed them to set themselves apart. So we’re finally seeing some new clones that are obviously inspired from Valve’s baby. The first one is Monday Night Combat […]


I don’t even know what is happening anymore in TF2 land. Nor do I really care, PC gaming is dying out much too quickly. However the Valve team is a creative bunch and continues to keep us guessing. What I do know is they still have classes to complete and more stupid fucking hats to […]

Fortress Fashion

I had posted the cosplay TF Soldier a few weeks ago… Here are the rest of the photos.

Real Life Rocket Jumper

Fortress Team Analysis

What would happen if a shrink got his hands on the TF2 characters? Well wonder no more.

Fortress Immortalized

Umm, yes please. Looks like there’s more coming!!

Decade of Detpaks

Just to reminisce a li’l bit, here is Tick’s QWTF archive. He’s spent countless hours uploading all these matches so do him a favor and spend a few hours watching them!