October, 2007

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A Hostile Hallowe’en

  So Halloween is right around the corner. Now that you kiddies are all grown up I’m sure wearing a costume isn’t high on your list of things you want to do. But soon the daily doldrums of real life will begin to wear and tear on you and this will be the one day […]

Get Out Your Fuckin’ Camera

  Download Let’s Go To War’s Life We Live (Cosmo Remix) from Palms 

Calm Before the Storm

Once November hits a ton of big games will be released, sapping our wallets weekly. So most of the crappy games are getting out while they have no competition, although I’m sure there’s a few gems people are anticipating. Here’s todays releases for 360 titles. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bee Movie Cars: Mater-National […]

Backstab Brigade

For the people new to TF2, here’s an instructional video on how to play a spy. I know most, if not all of you already know the intricacies of spy games but I thought for people like Kart who think playing a spy means looking cool while puffing on his cig, this tutorial will come […]

Grade A Jade

 I did a little interview (in my dreams) with Jade Raymond, the hotty producer of Assassin’s Creed over in Ubisoft.    Mad: When’s Assassin’s Creed coming out? Jade: November 13th. Duh. Mad: Is it worth me rolling all my pennies to buy? Jade: Yes. Duh. Mad: Will I be able to rip off all my clothes and […]


All of the sports nutters know PES wins no matter what EA tries. But EA does do well graphically. So you be the judge, which of the 2008 footy iterations has better graphics? Go here and you can click on the left side to see all the player comparisons.

Paper Paladins

  Want to make your own? Here’s how.  

Spy Checks & Rocket Sex

You may have noticed a patch in TF2 recently. This was a big patch because…cvar’s have been enabled for server admin use!! If you head on over to San Jose Slaughter you’ll notice a much different server as Friendly Fire is now back on and Crits have been turned off, turning TF2 back 10 years […]


Ah Sundays. Best day of the week during football season, hands down. Sure #Hostile gets gayed up with the play by plays of every score in every game but there’s so much sport to digest it’s tough not to indulge. Today my Giants won in a regular season game in England but looked bad doing […]

More Cowbell!

Just when you thought the onslaught of rhythm games was over, out comes Guitar Hero 3 for just about every system. If you can’t get enough of Guitar Hero 2, I don’t see why you haven’t picked this up yet. They even have a wireless guitars for all of the systems it is on. For […]

Ace Combat 6

Come on flight junkies, come out of the woodwork and rock out on some Ace Combat 6. I haven’t gotten a chance to indulge in the game yet due to Team Fortress 2 business but I did purchase the super bundle with the sticks and shit. From my understanding, you can coop over Xbox Live […]

TF2 Update on XBOX 360

To those poor saps that play Team Fortress 2 on the XBOX 360, I pity you. But if you really do insist on playing then you should start rejoicing because there is a new update for you guys. These are the items up on the console update: • Reduced network bandwidth usage in multiplayer. • […]

Holding Down the Fort

Looks like I’ll be manning this for the weekend as others have left for the weekend. I’m not a witty poster like Mad but I have my highlights. Valve has updated TF2 and I believe almost all of our servers have been updated. You can check out the

Super Skyline

I don’t usually post car news, but heres an exception. Today, Nissan finally officially announced production of the GT-R. No more concepts, no more leaked pictures of a car totally covered in a bra sans the taillights and windshield on a back desert road, the real deal. Starting May 2008, for a expected $68,000 USD […]

More Stat Whorage

If you can’t get enough of stroking your own e-peen with your TF2 performance reports, head on over to the Spikealyzer and upload your stats file where you can compare your stats with other TF2 stat whores. If rubbing your stats in the faces of those who don’t even play TF2 is your thing you […]