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Playstation 3 is amazing! NETFLIX

If you don’t already have this revolutionary piece of hardware, the PS3, you are certainly missing out. As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to own this funbox, you will now have one more — read on my friends! Recently, something great has come about. If you are a Netflix subscriber with any of […]

Meet the Demoman

“…prancing aboot with your heads full of eyeballs… Come and get me!” All of the previous “Meet The…” videos for Team Fortress 2 have been great and this one keeps the trend going. Nice to see they managed to get another one out prior to retail as they had promised! On a side note, Valve […]

Wrath of the Lich King

Apparently the original 2 1/2 year wait for World of Warcraft‘s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, was a one-time deal as Blizzard is wasting no time with their official announcement today of Wrath of the Lich King, their second expansion for, what is currently, the most popular MMORPG around. Highlights include the introduction of the […]