October, 2008

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Dance Floor Dave

For once, I am speechless. If you have epileptic seizures, are scared of black people or at work do not watch this. You’ve been warned.

Costume Creativity

So Hallowe’en is right around the corner. Do you have a costume in mind yet? Do you go with the tried and true Star Wars look? Or maybe you just hit up the Girls Costume Warehouse and get something simple. Or maybe you just copy some cheerleaders costumes. Either way, be original like this guy […]


So over in Warhamz land we’ve now got a large contingent of 40’s and open world PvP has never been more fun. We’re still farming Reknown XP and enduring some of the PvE in the game for more gear. In general Warhammer has been a big success as there’s so much to do in the […]

Wassup 2008

Remember the old Wassup commercials that were funny for like 5 minutes then got extremely annoying? Well, it’s been updated to current day to reflect the state of where people are nowadays. This is a much more honest reflection as to how it’d go down if this gayness actually did happen to dudes interacting with […]

Sit Down, We Need To Talk

Report The Bugs

<wimpy> why dont you get jeanne to use her powers to get us DF beta ? <[Ht]karttoon> tried <[Ht]karttoon> failed <[Ht]karttoon> got herpes instead <od3rus> thats my boy

Snapshot Sabotage

Is there anything more enjoyable than ruining someones photo? After viewing the proof, I think not.

Need I Say More?

Mid-Life Crisis Averted

<[Ht]karttoon> i totally can afford a porsche cayman s <[Ht]karttoon> anyone want to buy my z <[Ht]karttoon> wish i was single <[Ht]karttoon> pussy magnet <[Ht]alright> … <wimpy> seems one pussy is already sold on it

Do Not Masturbate To This

Back in the day this website used to focus on the absolute worst things we could uncover on the internet. As we’re based in IRC and this is the base format of internet chatting it always ensured that the people present were the true internet lords who could and would find anything and everything normal […]

Burn After Downloading

If you’re like me you don’t enjoy being ripped off to see a movie in a theater nowadays. Between the wallet gouging, uncomfortable seats, stupid people talking and not turning their phones off and of course having to leave the safeness of your home it just isn’t worth it anymore and gives more viability to […]

Star Trek 90210

Ok ok, before you click this link I want you all to know that I am in no way or form a Trekkie. I hate Star Trek with a passion and even hate people who enjoy it, like Kart. That’s right, I judge based on personal preference and make no qualms about it. My list […]

Name Change Please

This guy right here gets Rick Roll’d every time he blinks.

CareBear Countdown Begins!

I know some of the #Hostile residents will think I am a hardcore WoW hater and well that’s just not the case. Yes I don’t and won’t play it anymore as it’s been degraded into the easiest game ever made and I like a challenge but for all those carebears that enjoy timesinks then keep […]

Quake Revival Attempt #64211

Here’s another blast from the past. If you are an OG Quaker you’ll love nQuake. It’s the old Quakeworld client with the GL and all the upgrades in a nice easy to install package. You’d be surprised that people STILL play original Quake and Team Fortress! Watch the video on the page to see how […]