August, 2010

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Time To Med

Bong Chat

You know what the internet needs? A place where stoners can randomly meet other stoners. Stoners have an instant bond with one another all across the world, it supplants language restrictions and age grouping and allows for creativity and humor to flow freely. Now if only we could make a sort of Chatroulette for potheads […]

Fantasy Frolics

That’s right folks, it’s that great time of year when the NFL season begins and we escape the mundane Sundays with the old ladies for pigskin overloads. In #Hostile land we’ve got the 2nd year of our Dynasty Pool with [Ht]Kenyon taking over for that deadbeat BlackOPS who coincidentally, won last year. We also have […]

Gold Medal Gravity

I guarantee that this is a sport in the Olympics in 5 years.

You Think You Can Take Me?

PAX: Poon Palace?

So is anyone headed down to PAX in Seattle this weekend? If so do I have an opportunity for you! That’s right playa playa, while you are dorking it out you can look smugly out on the sea of nose breathers and know that your geeky threesome is something none of these dorks will ever […]

Third World Warfare

Modern Warfare 2 may have sold a jillion copies but there is still poor people out there that can’t afford such FPS luxuries. I know, it’s a sad state if some poor Somalian kid can’t learn about being called a faggot online but that’s the way the world goes. Luckily someone took primitive Doom and […]

Mushroom Cloud Laying Motherfucka

Python Fortress

Trust me, this is amazing. If you’re old enough to get the reference.

Donut Disaster

Looking like a celebrity could be beneficial. Unless it’s like this.

Sandy Scenes

Sand sculptures are nuts now. Here’s 40 more.

Drop The Puck Already

1 more week hockey fans. Then, NHL 11 and all it’s shiny glory. For those who haven’t seen what is easily the best sports game out there, the NHL series offers an MMO league style of online play (EASHL) where you level up a single player and have him compete in either pub matches or […]

The War Begins

The Last Chatorcist

What happens when you mix viral marketing and ChatRoulette? This awesomeness.

More Modern Warfaring

I am really looking forward to CoD: BlackOPS after seeing some of the goodies. The guns. The killstreaks. The perks. Now if only there was a beta…stay tuned.