March, 2008

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Reality Check: Rob & Big

Alright, it’s time for the final reality check and this one is my favorite of all the reality shows, Rob & Big. It’s on Mtv and is a 30 minute look into the relationship between Rob Dyrdek a pro skater and his best bud and former bodyguard, the enormous Big. Even though the premise doesn’t […]

Freddy FireCrotch

Grand Theft Waiting Period

We’ve got GTA IV out this month and to top it off it won’t be an EA release!! With mass multiplayer modes included expect a whole lot of Hostile’s bashing in skulls so make sure you get that shit on release. There’s been some new multiplayer screenshots surfacing and also some fake screenshots. I don’t […]

The Window You Can’t Close

I’ve been away all weekend as I’ve got a new puppy but all I’ve seen in #hostile is a whole lot of Yahoo Live rapeage. It all started with a link from the Goonsquad where some pimp was doing all kindsa crazy things to some passed out ‘co-worker’. From there the jumpin’ around terrorizing every […]

A Poignant Look Into [Ht]Kamen’s Life

<[Ht]alright> kmn is 25 his birthday is february 14th his favorite color is green he likes motorcycles but is afraid to own one <kmn> what

Reality Redemption

I know no one cared about The Hills posting earlier in the week so to make it up to you I’ll tell you what. Out of the girls in the picture posted, you pick one and I will post nudes of her. K…waiting. Tallying votes. You picked the brunette Audrina? Good!! Here you go.

Comcast HD Watchers Beware!

MHD on FiOS MHD on Comcast A forum posting has crossed my path about Comcast adding more compression to it’s HD signals. If you are a Comcast subscriber and watch HD channels, you better check this out.

Mixed Bag of Bufferoony

It’s all random linkage today: The first┬álink is the newest and last of the Grand Theft Auto 4 trailers. We’re only a month away from it’s release and it looks like a pretty solid date so don’t expect it to slip at this point. While the trailer is chalked full of cutscenes I am still […]

Hostile Interview: Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent

Man, how lucky are we. To get an exclusive interview with the grand daddy of G-Unit, the next president of the United States of America, 50 Cent! It only cost me $10,000 but it’s worth it for you, the loyal readers. Mad: Thank you for sitting down with us Fiddy. Curtis: You’ve got 3 minutes. […]

Runner-up in the Rat Race

Feeding Friends To Freaks

Are you sick of all these social networking sites? Does it take you all morning to catch up on everyone on Facebook and Myspace? Is your stalkering taking a hit with all the different logins you have to execute each day? Well then, FriendFeed should fix all your problems! Oh, you need Friends first. Nevermind.

Fuck Your Way To Fame

After watching the most recent South Park which featured a headless Britney being exploited it reminded me of something the internet has really changed. Celebrity sex tapes. It’s popular to now leak your own tape to get the edge in celebrity fame-whore-dom! So here’s a few of the current wannabe celebs that have their booties […]

Reality Check: The Hills

As previously mentioned I’ll be posting some of the reality shows that may be worth checking out…or not worth checking out. This one is a tough one to decide because well, it’s a chick show. But not just some chick show. THE chick show. There’s parties, afterparties, watercooler discussions and even fashion shows that have […]


The other day in IRC, someone posted a link to a guy getting caught on Google Maps doing a crack deal. It’s amazing that technology is at a point where we can find a lone place in the world and snap a picture. But Google removed the image and I was kind of bummed I […]

Rolled by the Rickster

So one the internet phenoms out there right now is Rick Rollin‘. This is where someone tells you oh here’s a link for something, you click it and you’re blasted with Rick Astley’s horrible 80’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”. This has been going on for quite some time now and looks to continue […]