October, 2010

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I know you all must be sick of Minecraft posts by now. But this one is important, give it a chance.

FC Hostilism

Weirdly enough, a lot of Hostiles have been playing FIFA 11 a lot. I know, we’re a bunch of Americans, what business do we have playing this foreign sport?! It’s ok, we’re terrible. But again EA brings a quality feature set to a sports game where you level your Pro by accomplishing tasks throughout the […]


Just how freakin’ big is Google’s grasp on the world anyways?

The True Demon

Planet Hostile

Well we now have a Minecraft server up @ so feel free to jump on and start exploring. Steal stuff and we’ll hunt you down and shit on your pillow. There’s some bugs of course but we’re expecting patches soon to fix damage but at least you can explore without consequence. There is also […]

Civilized Tyranny

I’m not into the Civilization series at all but I know you nerds are. So here is something that may or may not have anything to do with it.

Camel Slobber

Randomly Playlistin’

This is a cool idea. Now if only we could do that with our own music collections!

Mash of Meat

Lies People Told You

You know what, you are a gullible piece of shit. Look at all these misconceptions you think are true. Idiot.

A Customized Warrior

We’re a few days away from Medal of Honor coming out. A month after that, CoD: BlackOPS will be here! Here’s another multiplayer trailer for all the customization in the next Call of Duty.

Sprayin’ Beef

Reason #543271 not to shower in a public gym.

Lox in the Dark

Never Leave the House

Hmm, new release motion pictures right to your home, legally? Yes please. Too bad the ticket price will be laughable.

Welcome to Wank University

What do college students spend all their time on? Beats me, I am uneducated. Thankfully the internets provides answers.