November, 2012

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Ree4, the C4 Whore

Let’s watch him farm, shall we?

Happy Shoot People In The Face Day

Well, Planetside 2 is out. We’ve got a large outfit running in the game so if you end up playing it hit up our forums for more info. To celebrate, here’s some PS Cakes. Notice the tag on the top of the NC one hmm?

Hostile Biters

Check out these little Asian fuckers biting our name and assets. So I guess the question is, the standard licensing complaint or the tried and true unleash internet-based hellfire upon them as retaliation?┬áTheir non-existent DOTA skills won’t help when we show up at their front door. What say you Hostiles?

Wake Up The Troops!

It’s been a year since our last update. This was intentional. Hibernation is essential to combat training. With Planetside 2 release imminent it looks like this site will be updated again so don’t just skip to the forums anymore you greedy li’l buggers. There’s a bunch of things in the works and already going on […]