December, 2009

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Hostile Football

Well both of the Ht fantasy footballs wrapped up tonight. In the inaugural year of our Dynasty pool commissioner [Ht]valence faced off against BlackOPS in the final with a 4 point differential for the title. All BlackOPS needed was a field goal or two by his last remaining player, Ryan Longwell, to win it all […]

Mythbusting Modern Warfare

These videos are great if you’re rockin’ Modern Warfare2. I’m sure plenty of these will be fixed over time but some of them are fun to play with or just good to know.

Cyborg Clone

Umm am I the only one who thinks this is really creepy?

The Leechies

How much longer until someone creates some type of leech themed awards? Why not, they have awards dedicated to every other type of medium. I’d like to know who the top 5 rippers in the world are to differentiate when downloading movies. I’d like to know what were the most downloaded pirated movies and I […]

KarmaSutra Simulator

Whoever thought creating this website was a good idea is detrimental to our development as human beings.

Christmas Is Over…Forever

Alien Erotica

The Global Battlefield

It’s time for more Modern Warfare 2 videos. We’ll take a look at ninja defusing, a rape round and a motherfuckin’ montage.

Pimp Your Nerd Cave

I found some of these workspaces to give me some great inspirations this Christmas.

Torrential Downpour

Have you ever wondered who is behind all the torrenting in the world? Well wonder no more leechers!

Nuclear Summit

Santa Sucks You In

Christmas is a total mindfuck. You get hooked as a kid with all these presents, the one time of year your wish is granted. But then you get older and you learn you now must also participate in this pagan plagiarism by presenting gifts back to others. As you get even older the gifts back […]

Dumbed Down

You know what I hate… ‘Lets zoom and enhance.’

War is Hot

Russian Grindcore

Baron was mentioning this new Russian MMO called Allods Online that is coming out soon, it’s currently in Closed Beta and will be a free to play MMO. Sure it is a bit WoWish but does have plenty to stand on its own. I read Massively’s take on it and they seemed to really like […]