December, 2007

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Down But Not Out

The site was down for a couple of days but fear not, Gunny our IT specialist has returned. The holidays are almost over but tomorrow is the end of the year. So make the most of it and make sure you indulge in the New Years festivities!!

Seal The Deal

New Year Flickery

One of the must see movies this year is No Country For Old Men. Check out our review and if you can’t wait to see it, go grab this just ripped version (thx Cijid!). If you haven’t seen I Am Legend yet then definitely download it as the current rip is top notch. And don’t […]

Fantasy Football Finals

Both the Hostile and CiaB FFL finals both wrapped up on Christmas Eve. Both FFL leagues had Hostile members in the finals, which isn’t a huge surprise as Ht > all. In the Hostile Finals (1) Buckwyld defeated (3) Lox 131 – 111. In the CiaB Finals (2) Lox defeated (4) Mad 194 – 155. […]

For The Fraggy Fags

Bad news for the TF2er’s out there. There’s been a steady decline over the past month with little Valve support and clans dropping from competitive play. Now comes word that Teamfortress.Tv is no longer going to be doing their stellar league commentary. Hopefully something comes along that can give TF2 a jumpstart for all the […]

An Inconvenient Yuletide Log

The Dark Ni***

By now you’ve most likely seen the new Dark Knight trailer which shows the new look Joker in the dark roots the last installment displayed. It’s going to be a good one and because of all the hype that will be swirling as the trailer hits theatres this week I got some 1 on 1 […]

Holidaze Schedule

As mentioned earlier I’m on vacation so I’ll only be updating sporadically. Luckily warning is around and Carl is almost done watching all his hentai so look for some others to post up while I lay around drunk out of my mind. Meanwhile, in the happy world of the intarnets here’s a few things you […]

Mushroom Cloud Layin’ Motherfucker…Motherfucker

Zero Effect

Motherfucker at the Escapist is at it again with his review of Mass Effect.

Intent to Injure

Chris Simon just broke a new record. He has now been suspended for 30 games. His last suspension was for 25 games. Thats back to back suspensions that were both the longest in NHL history. He hadn’t been back for very long before he did this. The NHL is basically making a point, show intent […]

Code This, Bitch!

Well I’m on holidays now but while I’m away from the daily grind of creating video games I’m still following the fastest growing entertainment industry and all the news that flows through it. With video game sales blowing movies out of the water tons of companies are scrambling to get involved in the moneymaking of […]

Wear n’ Tear

As promised I’m working on getting the Ht t-shirt line into production. For now though, check out Hostile Fightwear.

Rape n’ Review

There’s some newish reviews on the forums: I Am Legend Hitman Super Mario Galaxy Assassin’s Creed Kane & Lynch

Porn Stars Please

It may be a bit childish but I have found this thread where you post your porn name somewhat entertaining. While there’s very many different methods to gain your porn name in certain circles we’re going with whatever your first pets name was as the first name and whatever the name of your street or […]