Rockstar Rip-offs

I get a lot of questions regarding my past employment by Rockstar Games, especially with GTA 4 blowing all sales records for video games. No, I never worked on Grand Theft Autos and no I can’t get you games for free. Even though they are thought of as the bad boys of video games the reality is this is purely accident due to the non-corporate approach to their development which is more on the side of mis-management than an avoidance of this suit n’ tie culture. Because of this, you don’t hear a lot of their other controversial moves besides the Hot Coffee fiasco but there’s plenty of them occurring.

One of the issues that has popped up is how they were able to basically copy current cars without having to license them. We all know the Huntley Sport is a Range Rover because it looks just like it and any other game would be sued out the ass if they did this, but somehow Rockstar gets away with it. Then there’s voice talent. They decided to shy away from big name stars for this iteration and this is the norm for them as they like to use New York talent to fill all their voices. Well, the dumbass who voiced Nico Bellic is pissed now that he knows he’ll never see another dime of the millions GTA 4 is going to make. Well duh, that’s why they used you idiot!!

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