June, 2013

Below are links to articles posted in June, 2013

How To Kingpin Hard

Here’s a brand new documentary that tackles the terrible war on drugs by teaching you how to properly deal at each level of drug trafficking. That desk job is about to feel extra terrible on Monday after watching this. Grab the torrent.  

Planetside 2 Changes

Just a heads up that the Ht Planetside 2 outfit is no longer active. With MLG approaching and numbers dwindling the outfit officers decided that a merger was required. If you’re an existing player you can head over here to get rolling with the new outfit.

PlanetSide 2 Nexus Battle Island

If you are still playing PlanetSide 2, this new video might be of interest to you. It is just a quick little preview of the Battle Island and from the looks of the video, it looks really good. I do like the idea of having a tank battle in the middle of a forest.