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Hostiles in the Old Republic

Server: Mandalore the Indomitable Assemble here

Amazing Troll Video

Preying Upon The Gullible

Hey, it’s the end of that day where you get to expose how stupid your friends and coworkers are by pranking them. I personally love it and just wait for the forced awkwardness that is bound to happen. You know that moment when someone gets all bothered right after they have been had by a […]

Team Coco

Rancid Riots


Updates, Updates, Street Dates

The trailer Mad linked a few articles down already has an extended cut.  Also, if you were not aware, ODST (a French version at least) leaked last week. Microsoft, for maybe the first time ever, is addressing this leak and saying don’t worry, if you bought it legit, play away. What this actually means is […]

Someone Finally Said It

Facebook Funnies

I’m sure most of you have stumbled upon lamebook by now. Here are some facebook fuckups I have saved.    

Random Ramblings

It has been quite a while since I blogged. I think logging into the WordPress dashboard was keeping me lazy but now I am trying out this Windows Live writer. Its neat cause it can detect our theme and show me exactly how the post is going to look. Mad’s been doing a bang up […]

Geisha Robot

You cannot possibly envision where this trailer is heading from the first 30 seconds. You have to see to believe. After the jump since it could be a little NSFW

Video of the Year

The Internet Will Never Be The Same

Rick Astley has had enough of his internet fame and has filed copyright notices on all popular youtube RickRoll links. C’mon man his career was long gone and I’m sure the fad made  him more money than anyone else. Well either way all of the videos are muted now and I’m not so sure it […]

OnLive – Lagging Isn’t Just For Multiplayer Anymore

It has been a while since I just slammed out a blog post… lets change that. So the news of the day is OnLive. A company that has been developing this product for 7 years and keeping it under tight wraps until today. Paving the way by already having Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Take-Two, […]

Tuesday is St. Martin’s Day

I have tickets to the best home game in Prudential Center history. Standing O’s from away arenas, Sup.