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This one goes out to¬†[Ht]KaRtToOn, who is expecting his 1st child. Let’s just hope the little Hostile doesn’t ever have to endure this nightmare.

Sex Studies

So, in turns out, there’s some really gay pockets of the world out there. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Sims With Issues

It’s good to see people finally found a use for The Sims.

The Brain Sees Nakedness

Loop de Loop

This is about as epic as it gets in an FPS game folks.

Russian Wolf Pack

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Give it a minute to materialize, let the cop do his job ffs.

Sprayin’ Beef

Reason #543271 not to shower in a public gym.

Bolly Will Give You Wood

It’s not often we are treated to amazing cinematic moments. It is even rarer to see it multiple times in one movie. But what makes what you’re about to see even crazier is that it smells like curried crotchness. Yup, coated like an indian wedding. Thank you international cinema, this is an amazing accomplishment.

Wasted Mammals

I didn’t think that watching drunk animals would be so amusing…

Subtle Cruelty

This is just plain mean.

Stairway to Heaven

Hey does anyone know of someone looking for a job? My friend does this for a living and has decided to quit and move on to something else so I have an in, if you have the balls! Check it out and see if you could handle it then let me know, it pays quite […]

Plushy Pedos

Every kid needs a Pedobear.

Gold Medal Gravity

I guarantee that this is a sport in the Olympics in 5 years.

PAX: Poon Palace?

So is anyone headed down to PAX in Seattle this weekend? If so do I have an opportunity for you! That’s right playa playa, while you are dorking it out you can look smugly out on the sea of nose breathers and know that your geeky threesome is something none of these dorks will ever […]

Dragons Discovered

Oh yes, a new reptilian flying species has been found! Check the footage.