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Nowadays, your avatar is as important as your signature. People make snap judgements based on not only your physical appearance but your camera prowess as well. No selfies in the bathroom, idiots! One of the ways people hide behind their profiles (as we call it, Rina’ing) is using caricatures and is a nice loophole for […]

Manga Flavored Fava Beans

A rare look into UltraCarls anime lair.

Pray for Boston

It has been a hard week for the city of Boston. After numerous lockdowns of the city during this terrorist attack the city finally has returned to normal. While we would never condone terrorist attacks we do have a few conspiracy nuts in our midst, most notably Lox. So it comes as no surprise this […]

The Fuck You Footlong

If you’re at all like me you hate everything and everyone all the time. And sometimes you feel the need to step up your hatred with some solid anarchy. But what to do? Well, it really matters what you’re capable of. But lets start you out light with all you will require is $5 and […]

Prop 19 Fail

Well California, I guess everyone who was supposed to vote for Prop 19 was too lazy and stoned to bother to vote. I really thought this one would go through, everyone thinks liberally in California and understands how much money this would bring in, or do they? Do they even understand how useful hemp is? […]

Shaun the Prophet

<alc> people who dont believe that god created earth and then made his own son who is also him and then had his son who is also him get tortured and killed to show humans they shouldnt eat apples from trees on the advice of a talking snake is a sucker <alc> oops, i meant […]

School is in Session

Sometimes education can really make the difference for someone. So here I will pass on important structured relevant instruction for all of you to digest. It’s important to realize that sometimes your teacher is not who you think they are and that giving them the opportunity to expand your horizons can only be done if […]

The Sicker Man

I love movies. I even love shitty movies. So when it came time to witness the shittiest movie in existence I was quite excited. But I couldn’t imagine that a movie could truly be this bad, I mean I have seen plenty of Uwe Boll movies in the past and with Nicholas Cage in the […]


I know you all must be sick of Minecraft posts by now. But this one is important, give it a chance.

The Lapse of Time


This guy should be running this planet.

Fantasy Frolics

That’s right folks, it’s that great time of year when the NFL season begins and we escape the mundane Sundays with the old ladies for pigskin overloads. In #Hostile land we’ve got the 2nd year of our Dynasty Pool with [Ht]Kenyon taking over for that deadbeat BlackOPS who coincidentally, won last year. We also have […]

Metaphorically Moronic

Yeah that’s right, we got metaphor splicing goin’ on in #Hostile. Riveting! <od3rus> step up to the plate and pick up a gauntlet <b|afk> don’t worry, odie’s bark is worse in one ear and bites out the other <b|afk> after all, a fool and his money don’t grow on trees <od3rus> Sometimes I feel like […]

King of Achievement Whores

This guy is your new enemy. Kill him and bring his women to me Hostilites!!

Kitty Poster

Can you help me? I lost my cat.