January, 2008

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Off-Road Rape

So you just got to work, or fallen out of the top bunk if you’re Alc, and you need something to do to pass the time. Well you’re in luck peoples!! It’s time to hunt some Velociraptors. This shit will run in your web browser too so just install the plugin and you are good […]

Valve Takes On TF2

I forgot to watch 20id vs. Valve’s TF2 developers on Pwnage.Tv the other night. Not that I care about TF2 lately, the game reaches new psychopathic destruction level frustrations when I play it on pubs, storming through an entire team to the flag or CP and then a scout gets one lucky crit and its […]

No More Cult, No More Lies, Feb. 10th Scientology Dies!

So you may have noticed Scientology has been media exposed as of late, scroll down for access to their manual. But the main culprit comes thanks to the boys over at 4Chan the attack of the Anonymous’ has commenced and the Church of Scientology is the target. It’s ironic because 4chan has become a sort […]

Night & Day Care

Ok boys, it’s time to learn about baby care. You never know when you’ll end up knocking up your significant other or that dirty prostitute you woke up next to. So it’s better to know how to handle a situation before it happens than after. So that’s where I come in, here to educate ya’ll. […]

Try It

Bert Goes Ballistic

Last week the Turtles rocked it out and now it’s this motherfuckers turn.

I <3 Country Music

Kickin’ It Low End School

Bucky stumbled across a smallish MMO called KICKS today. Kicks is a soccer based MMO game that lets you create a player and then jump in a game with a bunch of other people. You play your position and what you do lets you level up and become a better player. Once you level past […]

Tricky Wiki

The internets been around a long fucking time now and still it only serves two primary purposes for the billions who now know how to use it. One being a glorified encyclopedia, the other a giant porn archive. So it comes as a huge shock to me that they haven’t already been combined! Sure people […]

Free Falling

Naval Narcolepsy

So out of boredom a bunch of us have been playing Pirates of the Burning Sea, a swashbuckler MMO that uses the Everquest2 engine. I got a chance to try it yesterday and it’s pretty well done with a pretty deep leveling system and a rich character creation. Your choices are to choose either the […]

Fictionally Speaking…

Do you want to be rich and powerful like Tom Cruise?? Well then, here’s the Scientology Manual. Study it to receive your superpowers!!!

Heath Ledger: The Final Interview

  So I have a friend of a friend who’s brother works down in Hollywood and his girlfriends sister’s boyfriend knows Heath Ledger’s publicists daughter, so we were lucky enough to interview Heath just prior to his last day on earth. Be forewarned, this interview was conducted before his death and we didn’t know he was […]

3 = 300

Man this is just amazing. Watch as 3 graphic designers re-enact the Omaha beach storming from Saving Private Ryan by themselves. With a ton of pre-planning, camera work out the ying yang and post production what they accomplish is simply stunning.

Night of the Nerds

Oh Em Gee!! We had the craziest night evar. Pretty sure we met Jesus’ brother.